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A new mural has been painted in VIDA Garden by US-based Bulgarian artist, Lia Ali, which features an array of colorful flowers that truly capture the theme of the large and impressive space at 16 Armory Street. The painting which is bright, colorful and energetic is typical of Ali’s distinctive artistic style. The mural unequivocally depicts the appeal that will attract local residents and tourists to the soon to be opened space.

Ali explains how the mural came about; “She created a floral landscape that would complement the overall melody and flow of the living room. Once we settled on the design of the project, it was a demanding but most enjoyable project that was completed in just over 4 weeks”. Ali went on to comment that she “envisions this mural becoming an iconic and must-see place for Englewood residents and tourists visiting VIDA Garden, as it captures the joy of why they came. Everyone who visitors will want to have their photo taken with this expansive art piece.”

The eponymous “Blossoming” mural was inspired by the blossoming of the flower as a symbol of the blossoming of the human heart and mind away from the negativity and discrimination so prevalent in modern culture today. It is hoped that the soothing optics of the mural will inspire creativity and joy among all who view the mural.