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First and foremost, one of the biggest complaints among Spongebob the fans that’s it Sponge on the runThe story isn’t as tight as it could have been. Reddit user u/Green-Economist-6641 expressed his displeasure with the final product, saying, “This whole movie feels like a rehash of older episodes like Gary comes home and the one where they go to Atlantis. It could have been a decent half-hour special, but for some reason they stretched it to an entire movie.”

They go on, expanding on the pitfalls of execution expectation and trying to deliver a shorter story. “It leads to a lot of unnecessary filler like SpongeBob and Patrick getting lost in Saloon Inferno,” they said. “There also wasn’t any subtlety or depth to any aspect of the writing. The scenes where SpongeBob meets the cast are meant to be dramatic, but they feel so forced, manipulative, and contrived.”

This opened up a larger discussion about how the film presented the characters themselves. The Redditor went on to write, “No one changed or grew in this movie. In the first movie, SpongeBob learns to embrace his childishness. In the second, Plankton learns about teamwork. This movie? Nothing You could say SpongeBob was taught to be brave, but the way he was handled feels like such an afterthought.”

It’s no secret that the key to writing a solid script is to ensure that your characters undergo some form of personal change or realization at the end; without it, the narrative loses a lot of its momentum. To many fans, Sponge on the run dropped the ball in this regard, doing such an iconic set of anime characters a disservice.

Additionally, u/Green-Economist-6641 also offered a review of the film’s attempt at humor, which they said largely fell flat: “This whole movie is so lazy. I would have forgiven everything if it had sharp humor but other than after a few jokes it just wasn’t. It was so poorly paced for an hour and a half of film. Overall this particular narrative n It’s not far off from the opinions of others who seemed equally disappointed with the latest SpongeBob-centric cinematic adventure.