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Camila Cabello took a… unique approach as she paid tribute to Beyoncé and her latest album Renaissance. A packed stadium at Rock In Rio in Brazil witnessed Cabello’s energetic performance of Beyoncé’s “Energy,” which features Jamaican-American artist Beam. Initially, the audience is silent as the “Havana” singer urges them to get up and move.

The crowd finally reacts when Cabello runs up the stairs behind her, plants her hands, and “twerks” onstage. The video of Cabello’s performance drew mixed reactions on social media. “Beyoncé, I’m so sorry she did this!” wrote an Instagram user. “She made Spongebob bring it to town,” wrote another, referencing the singer’s bright yellow romper. “Toddlers do this on the stairs all the time” a Twitter user pointed out.

Cabello is no stranger to controversial performances. The Fifth Harmony alum performed in the UEFA Champions League Final opening ceremony and performed ‘Señorita’, ‘Bam Bam’, ‘Havana’ and ‘Don’t Go Yet’ . While singing, fans chanted the anthems of their favorite teams throughout his six-minute set. She realized this after watching the show and was unhappy. Cabello took the commotion personally and attacked fans on Twitter instead of letting the incident go.

“Replaying our performance, I can’t believe people were singing their team anthem so loudly during our performance. As my team and I have worked tirelessly for so long to create good vibes and give a good show,” she wrote. “Very rude but whatever. Glad you loved it!!!!!” His tweets have been deleted, but entertainment tonight reported on a fan’s attempt to explain to Cabello why the fans were distracted before the game. Read more fan reactions to Cabello at Rock In Rio below.

One more step

(Photo: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

One user offered a tip for improving Cabello’s twerking skills, writing, “She should have gone down ONE more step and she would have had a better stance.” She’s too far away.

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No nun shakin’

(Photo: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

“She wasn’t shakin nun lmaooo she just circled her hips on the steps,” one poster wrote in response.

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You can’t do this alone

(Photo: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

One Instagram user thought Cabello’s performance could have used “backup dancers with her, you can’t do this solo.”

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There are leftovers

One poster remarked: ‘She ate but the plate is still full and there are leftovers for the next day’, to which another replied: ‘I think she actually put more food in the plate than there was originally? How did she do that? I think she actually put more food on the plate than there was originally? How did she do that? »

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The sound of plastic sheets

Another commenter made an interesting observation. “It must be the visual representation of the noise plastic sheets make when you wiggle them,” they wrote.

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Parkwood trial?

One Twitter user kept it short and sweet: “Hope Parkwood Sues.” They were graciously rewarded with lots of crying and laughing emojis.