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While not essential to play, watching these episodes first will only enhance the gaming experience. GreenManGaming explains that there are three episodes directly related to the game.

The first is Season 17, Episode 7 (“Black Friday”.) In this episode, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and a line has been drawn between two separate groups of role-playing children, divided by their desire to either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The story then continues in Season 17, Episode 8 (“A Song of Ass and Fire”) as the boys prepare for a game console battle that not only threatens their quest to save money, but also tests the very foundation of loyalty and friendship. .

The conclusion comes with Season 7, Episode 9 (“Titties and Dragons”) as the South Park Mall finally opens, allowing the masses to rush inside. In the end, the boys managed to get the Xbox One, but couldn’t tell the difference between their previous and older Xbox model. Cartman (Trey Parker) explains to his friends that they don’t need a video game to have fun; They can play outside with something as simple as a stick.

Of course, if you want to know what happens from there, you’ll have to enter the plot yourself with “Stick of Truth.”