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Alexander Trent was viscerally wicked, with his stated goal of killing as many blacks, Latinos, and Jews as possible, in addition to “race traitors” and aliens (both immigrants from other countries and literal aliens). ), and its origin story came uncomfortably. close to affirming the same eugenic theories that the creators of the character undoubtedly intended to denounce.

But despite complaining about “losing a job because of a quota” and having a son who “idolized a basketball star” more than him, Trent’s biggest grievances should have been with the Daily. Planet, since a journalistic briefing by a young Perry White and Franklin Stern – the future editor and publisher of the Planet, respectively – led to the death of Trent’s father and his mother’s arrest.

Likewise, while the young Daily Planet reporter (and future husband of Lucy Lane) Ronald Troupe couldn’t shoot Trent, he defeated Bloodsport II in “Action Comics” # 702 by finding and destroying the Hidden Cache of weapons that Trent received from the demon Bloodthirst, because the ’90s comics were super creative with the names of the characters.

Amusingly, Trent was enraged when Bloodthirst provided another Hi-Tech supervillain with similar weapon teleportation tech, even though she used it to save him from Superman, so one can only imagine his reaction if he had seen vigilante Demolitia, aka Latin American immigrant Marita Chavez, using the same teleporter in “Action Comics” # 718 from 1996.