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Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7, with its Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control and Joseph: Collapse DLCs released several months later.

Ubisoft announced three Far cry 6 DLC episodes slated for release in 2021 and 2022. Each DLC can be experienced solo or co-op and expands the stories of Far cry the villains Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. The DLC episodes will delve into the minds and stories of the series’ beloved villains, voiced by the original cast. Vaas: madness, Pagan: control, and Joseph: Collapse are all unique stories that take place in the Far cry world to be released soon after Far cry 6 Release.

far cry Iconic villains have been a staple of the series since its inception, but Far cry 6 The DLC will be the first time players will be able to control their nemesis. Far cry 6 The DLC trailer was well received, but the final products are still months away. This will be the first time Ubisoft has allowed gamers to control far cry villains in the game without mods, introducing a unique playstyle to the open world survival franchise. Each DLC will be released several months apart and is included in Far cry 6 Season pass.

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Far cry 6 the first DLC episode is Vaas: madness and will be released in November 2021. There is no set date for its release, which means delays are very possible depending on the speed of development. Vaas Montenegro first appeared in Far cry 3, acting as the primary antagonist for the first half of the game and the secondary antagonist for the second half. His famous monologue “Definition of Madness” created a unique and chilling narrative climax. Vaas’ death has not been confirmed, as his “death” only occurs in the dream state of player character Jason Brody.

Far Cry villains are a blast from the past in Far Cry 6 DLC

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Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control The DLC episode is slated for release in January 2022, ensuring Far cry 6 continuous development in the new year. As Vaas: madness, pagan: control has no set release date. With Far cry 6 The DLCs are probably still in development, players can expect more information as the new year approaches. Pagan: Control will focus on Pagan Min, the antagonist of Far cry 4 and self-proclaimed King of Kyrat. The ultimate fate of Pagan Min is in the hands of the players, once again leaving the canonical fate of the villain in doubt.

Far cry 6 the third DLC is Joseph: Collapse, scheduled for release in March 2022. Joseph: Collapse is the last confirmed DLC, although Ubisoft may have plans for more depending on Far cry 6 Success. In Joseph: Collapse, players will control Joseph Seed, the antagonist of Far cry 5 and New dawn. Joseph Seed is also known as “The Father” and leads a post-apocalyptic cult throughout Hope County, MT. Its bloody and psychotic tendencies are matched only by the fierce dedication of its followers. Joseph Seed reappears in Far Cry New Dawn, where players face a choice similar to Vaas and Pagan, and decide on Joseph Seed’s end result.

It is not known if Ubisoft will develop other DLC to develop Far cry 6 story in Yara, centered on Dani Rojas and the guerrilla rebellion against dictator Antón Castillo. For now, it looks like the additional content will focus on separate stories outside of Dani’s adventures. Far cry 6 releases October 7, 2021 for Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and PC, with DLCs releasing months after in November 2021, January 2022, and March 2022.

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