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Where were you when you heard the Ottawa Senators were trading Nick Paul to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for a forward Mathieu-Joseph?

Because NHL Network analyst Kevin Weekes was driving on I-84, but that wouldn’t stop him from delivering the news to NHL fans. Weekes pulled over to the side of the freeway, turned on his hazard lights and recorded a video explaining the exchange which he later posted on Twitter.

Tweet from @KevinWeekes: Per @frank_seravalli and @FriedgeHNIC @TBLightning exchange F Mathieu-Joseph and a 4th Rd Pick in 2024 to @Senators for F Nick Paul. A wrinkle added here; Ottawa will keep 44.5% of Paul’s [email protected] @NHLNetwork #HockeyTwitter

“There are so many people doing amazing things in media in their own way every day, and I think it’s really good to be authentic,” Weekes told “Most of the time when I leave messages for people, I leave voice memos and I do that so often because it’s not always convenient to text. That’s kind of the reason why I decided to do the videos, for a more personal touch.”

It looks like nothing will stop the former NHL goaltender from keeping fans informed. Hours after stopping on the road, Weekes reported the Seattle Kraken traded the defender Jeremy Lauzon to the Nashville Predators for a second-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft from his hotel closet in Bristol, Connecticut.

Tweet from @KevinWeekes: Per @PierreVLeBrun who got it first, the @PredsNHL acquires D Jermey Lauzon from @SeattleKraken for a 2nd pick in [email protected] @NHLNetwork #HockeyTwitter

No matter where he is, when Weekes hears the news, he delivers it, even with a trash can over his head.

Tweet from @KevinWeekes: **Breaking News** 🚨📰@ArizonaCoyotes trade Larson to @Capitals for a 3rd pick in 2023 [email protected] @NHLNetwork @TSNHockey #HockeyTwitter

“As serious as I am and as focused and focused as I am, I’m having a really fun time and a fun side as well that you don’t always see,” Weekes said. “I really wanted to build on that more and push that forward.”

Of course, the studio show host also had to put a picture of his set there.

Tweet from @KevinWeekes: **Breaking News** 📰🚨[email protected] acquires Alex Biega from @MapleLeafs for future consideration. @espn @NHLNetwork #HockeyTwitter @Buccigross @TheRealCally24 @emilymkaplan @Arda @wyshynski

After all this live reporting, there is still a lot to know. Breaking news: Weekes is tired.

Tweet from @KevinWeekes: **Breaking News** 🚨📰F Zach Sanford traded to @NHLJets. @espn @NHLNetwork @TSNHockey #HockeyTwitter