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Name anything and I guarantee Vivian can paint it.

No one does nails like Vivian Xue. Her extremely complex squeeze nail art has been going viral on TikTok (@vivxue) for over a year as people obsess over the details and personalization of her designs.

This viral video of her Shrek-themed nail set has over 15.2 million views, and it’s just one example.

BuzzFeed spoke with Vivian, owner of Pamper Nail Gallery, to see what it’s like to run a booming business during a pandemic. “Our regulars weren’t coming as much, but we had a really big Instagram following at the time, so we were like, ‘How about we just send you nails? “”

Vivian initially started posting on TikTok just for fun, but her DMs and comments were immediately inundated with people wanting to know where to order their own sets.

@vivxue / Via

“The first video I posted, I did the Mona Lisa [design]”She said.” That one went viral. He’s had like a million views. “

Now Vivian has so many orders that she takes “like two naps a day” and spends the rest of her time “coordinating shipping, packaging, sizing kit making, social media management, and marketing. nail painting “.

@vivxue / Via

Each set takes between two and eight hours to paint. She said she must have had “sleepless nights” since “June of last year”.

Some of his most popular designs are animated characters like Disney Princesses or Bambi.

She also makes realistic pieces, like this portrait set that features Hogwarts and Harry Potter himself.

She can also draw portraits of Marvel characters, like those of Captain America and Bucky.

Or that awesome nail from Wanda Maximoff.

And she can also do celebrity portraits, like Dolly Parton.

Or this Billie Eilish set.

She even did movie franchise themed sets, like jurassic park

While Vivian is grateful for Pamper’s success, recreating the same design over and over again for dozens of commands can get overwhelming. “I think what really kills me is if I release a set and it goes viral then everyone wants the Lady and the Tramp exactly the same way, ”she laughed.

Today, Vivian employs approximately 300 artists who hand-paint press nails for clients across the country. Many artists come from the Pamper Academy, a training program Vivian designed for budding artists.

@vivxue / Via

There is no shortage of artists who want to work for Pamper, her problem now is finding “people to work in the office,” she laughed.

Follow Vivian on TikTok to check out more of her amazing nails, or visit the Pamper site to learn more about their training program!

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