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With a rich, velvety vocals ignited amid a sense of passion and playfulness, Toronto singer-songwriter Miss Lia’s new single, Animal Type, captures the carnal charge that surrounds aiming for who you are. want.

Written in Miss Lia’s unique manner – a confident, inspired and spontaneous type of lyricism – the song’s origins are rooted in the pop-R&B artist’s penchant for emotion-driven songwriting that draws both past experiences and current feelings.

“For ‘Animal Type,’ I was getting ready to go out and I started to ‘feel’ — confident and sexy — like an empowered woman,” she recalled. “The vibe came to me…I looked at myself in the mirror and started singing the intro melody. I found the first verse and the chorus there, and I left unchanged.”

Seeking to capture the classic “I need you” sentiment, Miss Lia uses “Animal Type” to communicate with those who find themselves suddenly overwhelmed by the impulse of “I must have you” lust. While the song sounds sultry and provocative on first listen, it’s Lia’s confidence and powerful spirit intertwined with every line that seeks to seduce the listener further.

After the previously released singles, Dangerous, Lonely and Summersault, Animal Type is the latest to land from Miss Lia. The multi-talented entertainer has recently immersed herself in music, having spent the duration of Covid-related restrictions contemplating a fork in the road; Having initially set aside her ambitions to pursue music, instead focusing on academics and athletics, Lia has spent time revisiting and rediscovering her passions for poetry and music, and the deep emotional connection they hold. create.

Animal type is available now. Listen below: