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Picture via HBO Max

dc titans has undergone major changes since its debut and fans want them to step into their superhero roles more. At first, Rachel Roth, played by Teagan Croft, was just a troubled girl with supernatural powers. In season 4 of Titanshowever, she has fully stepped into her superhero identity.

In season four, episode two, “Mother Mayhem”, Rachel and the Titans help a girl who has just experienced a terrifying supernatural event. Rachel reaches out and enters the creepy girl’s mind to snap her out of her shock, and when she introduces herself, her name is Raven. Rachel now fully claims her Raven identity and her powers have also been seriously enhanced. She’s not the same girl she used to be and this season proves it.

These are some of the fan reactions to Raven possessing her Titans identity.

In the scene, Raven shows so much empathy and care towards the young girl. Canonically, Raven is an empath and that seemed very characteristic to her.

Fans admire her character’s growth over the seasons and how she persevered through all of her struggles. As the daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon, the road has not been easy.

Raven has been a standout character in those first two episodes of Titans season four. She steps into his power and helps solve this occult mystery.

Just hearing Rachel say, “My name is Raven,” freaked many out. This Spongebob meme perfectly captures the answer.

Some fans had given up hope that she would ever take the name Raven, but Titans season four was delivered with a bang.

This is Raven at her most powerful, and she controls her magical abilities like never before.

Such a statement may seem insignificant to those unfamiliar with the story, but it’s a big deal for fans who have been asking for the show to lean more into superhero elements. At first, most Titans were in civilian clothes. They were eagerly waiting for Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) to fully become Nightwing, and when he did, fans also lost their minds. Here’s hoping there are more giveaways like these for fans (like Tim Drake donning the Robin costume).

Titans is available to stream on HBO Max.