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After being seemingly bowed out by one of his fans, DaBaby says he loves his fans but there were no kisses.

Earlier today, a hilarious clip of an interaction between DaBaby and some of his fans went viral. In the clip, the group of women stumble across to meet the rapper and take pictures. After hugging some of the women, the “BOP” rapper locks eyes with one of the women at the front of the group and tries to kiss her, which she denies. DaBaby started clowning around on Twitter and Instagram earlier after the clip was shared, as the woman didn’t look happy with the rapper’s attempts.

After everyone made their jokes, DaBaby addressed the interaction via Instagram Stories a few hours ago.

“Go ahead man (laughing emoji), he wrote. “Me and my sores love each other to death, but there’s no kissing (crossing arms emoji).

Despite the rapper’s claims, it’s evident in the video that he was leaning in to Something, and it definitely looked like he was going to kiss. Many Twitter users wondered why the rapper even tried it with the fan in the first place.

“WHAT WAS WRONG WITH DABABY,” one user tweeted alongside a hilarious SpongeBob meme. “He was definitely forcing it lol better stop that that’s how you get canceled #DaBaby#curved,” wrote another user.

So if he wasn’t trying to kiss the fan, what do you think he was trying to do?