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“Oh my God, my mind is going a mile an hour!”

Anyone who knows me knows my all-time favorite TV show is NBC’s ‘Office.’ I have seen each episode countless times, I quote the show daily, I listen to Office ladies podcast every week I asked our entire office to dress up as a cast for Halloween in 2019 (I was Angela!), and, typing this in, I realized I’m currently wearing a t-shirt with Jim Halpert above. I may have an obsession …

Although ‘Office’ ended in 2013, streaming made it more popular than ever with adults, but also younger generations. This is probably why an authentic Dunder Mifflin experience is making its way to the Midwest all these years later!

The office experience will open on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago on October 15. The official website says the experience is a “fully immersive interactive celebration of the beloved TV show,” and promises fans they’ll have the chance to “explore set recreations like the Dunder Mifflin Scranton offices and Schrute Farms, take a closer look at real show props, and shop in The Office Experience Store. ”The exact address is 540 N Michigan Ave, which is on the corner of Michigan Ave and Ohio Street.

The full experience usually lasts 60-90 minutes and yes you will be allowed to take a lot of photos and videos. The website says you can “Film your own talkie interviews, Jim camera looks, maybe even recreate Threat Level Midnight.”

Tickets for The Office Experience in Chicago go on sale this morning, with three different options available. General admission tickets start at $ 37.50 and include access to the experience, plus a Dunder Mifflin employee badge. There is also a “Private Access” option available for groups of 6 to 10 people starting at $ 378, then there is the “Special Event Ticket”. This option allows you to host a private 2.5 hour party with 25-50 guests and the price is approximately $ 2,525. You can get more information and buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale HERE.

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