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Premiered in 2006 and concluded after 8 seasons in 2013 on Showtime, Dexter has established itself as a powerhouse of television. The series focused on the character of Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst working for the Miami-Metro Police Department by day and a serial killer by night.

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Dexter attracted millions of viewers every week and has grown steadily in popularity in the years since. While the series’ original ending met with mostly unfavorable reviews, many fans are thrilled that the show is returning in the form of Dexter: new blood, which premieres in November 2021.

ten Dex Takes Vacation End With Debra And Lundy Getting Shot – 9.2

Dexter morgan

Dexter finds himself chasing a new target in the form of a policeman named Zoey Kruger in episode 4 of season 4. Believing that Kruger murdered her husband and daughter, Dexter tracks her down and ultimately kills her.

Meanwhile, Debra Morgan and FBI Agent Frank Lundy are shot dead by a person who is later revealed to be Christine Hill, daughter of Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer. While Debra survives the violent attack, Lundy is not so lucky, which leads Debra to blame herself for her death.

9 This Is The Way The World Ends Was The Best Episode Of Season 6 – 9.2

Dexter Morgan Masuka

The Season 6 finale finally sees Dexter defeating villainous Travis Marshall AKA the Doomsday Killer. Travis kidnaps Dexter’s son, Harrison, and plans to kill him. However, Dexter discovers Travis’s location and manages to save his son. The episode’s final scene shows Dexter killing Travis in an abandoned church.

After killing Travis, Dexter sees his sister in the church and realizes that Debra witnessed the murder. The cliffhanger ending set the stage for a Season 7 dramatic premiere and acted as a catalyst for change for Debra and Dexter’s relationship.

8 Truth Be Told Witnesses Rudy Kidnapping Debra – 9.3

Dexter morgan

The secret identity of the Ice Truck Killer is revealed in the penultimate episode of Season 1. Under the pseudonym Rudy Cooper, Dexter’s brother, Brian Moser, is finally revealed as a serial killer. Dexter finds out by comparing a blood sample from the Ice Truck Killer with his brother’s blood.

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Brian proceeds to kidnap Debra and later tries to kill her. The episode sets up the showdown between the brothers and forces Dexter to make a choice between his brother and sister in the season finale.

7 Surprise, fucking shit! Features The Return of Doakes – 9.3

Dexter Morgan Hannah Season 7

The Season 7 finale originally aired in late 2012 and featured the return of James Doakes via flashbacks. The episode also sees Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah McKay escape from prison. After discovering Debra and Dexter’s secret, María LaGuerta tries to get him arrested.

Believing that killing LaGuerta will keep his and his sister’s secret, he captures LaGuerta. Debra tries to stop him at first, but eventually lines up with Dexter’s shot and shoots LaGuerta. The episode is the second most-watched of the series, only being surpassed by the series finale.

6 Resistance is futile sees Doakes uncover Dexter’s secret – 9.4

Dexter Season 2

Episode 9 of Season 2 sees James Doakes discovering Dexter’s secret life as a serial killer. After being suspicious of his actions for several episodes, Doakes finally caught Dexter in the act. Doakes’ suspicions paid off when he followed Dexter to a boat where he was in possession of the remains of one of his victims.

Doakes’ attempt to stop him fails and Dexter is able to overpower his colleague. The episode ends with Dexter locking Doakes into an old shack while contemplating his next move.

5 Hungry Man saw Dexter celebrate Thanksgiving 2 – 9.4

Dexter Morgan Season 4 Trinity

The 9th episode of Season 4 sees Dexter celebrate 2 Thanksgiving: one at Arthur Mitchell’s and one with his own family. The episode gave Dexter and viewers a better insight into Arthur Mitchell’s personal life and how he balances his ordinary life with being the Trinity Killer.

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After witnessing several violent and appalling events at Mitchell’s, Dexter attempts to kill Arthur but is interrupted by Arthur’s wife and daughter. Later, Dexter hosts a more peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with his caring family, noting another difference between Dexter and Arthur’s family life.

4 Hello, Dexter Morgan sets the stage for the Season 4 – 9.5 finale

Dexter Season 4 Trinity Killer

The episode before the Season 4 finale shows Arthur Mitchell AKA the Trinity Slayer discovering Dexter’s true identity. “Hello, Dexter Morgan” also features the death of Arthur’s daughter, Christine Hill, after confessing to the murder of FBI agent Frank Lundy. Throughout the season, Dexter had identified himself as Kyle Butler with Arthur.

Arthur attempted to locate Dexter by searching for people named Kyle Butler in Miami using a phone book. Even though he had the wrong name, Arthur ends up finding Dexter at the police station in the episode’s final scene.

3 Are you…? Season 7 starts off strong – 9.5

Dexter Morgan Season 7

The series’ Season 7 premiere saw Debra finally uncover Dexter’s secret. The episode picks up moments after the Season 6 finale when Debra sees Dexter kill Travis Marshall AKA the Doomsday Killer. While he tries to deny it at first, Dexter ends up revealing himself to be a serial killer to his sister.

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The massive reveal added new dynamics to the series over the next 2 seasons and gave Dexter someone to confide in regarding his secret life, although Debra was not always supportive of his actions.

2 Born Free ended the first season on a high score – 9.6

Dexter Morgan Ice Truck Killer

The very first season finale of Dexter explored and concluded the relationship between Dexter and his brother, Brian Moser AKA the Ice Truck Killer. After kidnapping and attempting to kill Debra, Dexter takes her to Brian’s apartment. The 2 engage in a touching discussion before Dexter kills his brother and makes him look like suicide.

Believing his actions are justified, Dexter dreams of a group of people cheering for him and for what he has done to Brian. The finale was the best episode of the first season and left fans begging for more.

1 Getaway is Dexter at its best – 9.8

Dexter morgan

As the final episode of Season 4, “The Getaway” concluded Arthur Mitchell aka the Trinity Slayer. After finally killing Arthur, Dexter returns home to find his wife, Rita, dead in the tub. Her son, Harrison, is also in the bathroom covered in Rita’s blood, recalling Dexter’s childhood experience with his mother’s blood.

The scene left Dexter and the fans in a state of shock, realizing that Arthur was responsible for Rita’s murder. It has since been revealed that John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer will be making an appearance in the series’ revival, Dexter: new blood.

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