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An Elden Ring fan who is also an artist creates an acrylic artwork showcasing Leyndell, the royal capital, in beautiful and breathtaking detail.

Dominating in its opening week in both sales and reviews, Ring of Elden lived up to the hype it generated ahead of launch. After bug fixes and balancing fixes following its release, Ring of Elden continued to see strong player numbers in the month and a half it was released.

The game’s dominance is largely due to its departure from traditional FromSoftware game design, especially in its open-world gameplay. Although the game is similar to others in that it has some open world quirks like Ring of Elden gargoyles jumping on players to kill them, what the open world brought was an influx of players who had avoided FromSoftware titles in the past.


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The butterfly effect of a whole new group of players bursting into the game directly sparked another trend: fan art creation. Between FromSoftware veterans and newcomers, fantastic creations like an animated version of Ring of EldenThe box artwork has gone viral on social media sites, showing fan appreciation and further boosting the popularity of the game. Recently, another masterpiece has been shared online, depicting Leyndell, the royal capital like an acrylic work of art.

Reddit user MapleFoxArt1 posted the stunning piece on Reddit in a slideshow that showcases the process required to create the piece and highlights the art from different angles. The result is a post that not only shows off the incredible work of art, but also inspires users to further appreciate the images showing the piece at various stages of the creation process. Just like the multiple steps it took for an artist to create living 3D-printed pots from Ring of EldenMapleFoxArt1’s slideshow helps to imagine not only the beauty of the piece, but also the effort it took to create.

In this way, the piece itself is not only a direct reference to the game, but also a multilevel analogy. For example, FromSoftware’s careful development process for Ring of Elden which took over 4 years ended with what is sure to be one of the biggest releases of this year. Or, in terms of the game itself, the play could be an antithesis to the story of the game; unlike MapleFoxArt1’s efforts to recreate Leyndell, The Lands Between falls apart, with characters like Radahn, Malenia and others slowly rotting away. However, like MapleFoxArt1 giving glory back to Leyndell on their canvas, some endings like Ring of EldenAge of Order’s ending may bring some beauty to The Lands Between.

Endings and analogies aside, MapleFoxArt1’s acrylic artwork is a jaw-dropping homage to the game and is just one of many FromSoftware pieces they’ve created. Kind of like a painting Ring of Elden‘s Radahn festival, this painting by Leyndell captures the less felt beautiful side of the mostly dangerous and unforgiving Middle Lands.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit