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The results were interesting; Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joseph – technically not a brewery but a cider house – topped the pack as the most beloved consumer hot spot of its kind. Granite City Food & Brewery – technically not an independent brewery and tasting room like the others on the list – completed the Top 5. Here is the full list as of October 2020:

1. Ciders with milk and honey, St. Joe
Bad Habit Brewing Co., St. Joe
3. B
eaver Island Brewing Co.
Pantown Brewing Co.
5. Granite City Food & Brewery

Well, the scene has changed a bit over the past year or so with the addition of Back Shed Brewing Company. So we came back to Google Reviews to update our list of the 5 best breweries. Here they are:

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Staff

# 1 (Tied) Bad Habit Brewing Company, St. Joseph
4.9 out of 5 stars
300 reviews in total

This time last year, Bad Habit Brewing Company Was only two reviews away from # 1 on the top rated local brewery list. Since then, they’ve earned 76 more Google Reviews and enough 5-star ratings to place them tied for Top Candidate. With beers like Boat Drinks Pina Colada Milkshake IPA, Bangarang Raspberry Pineapple Sour and Double Dark Addiction Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, Bad Habit is paving the way for delicious craft beer creations in the St. Cloud region.

# 1 (Linked) Back Shed Brewing Co., Waite Park
4.9 out of 5 stars
40 reviews in total

They might be the new kid on the block, but Back Shed Brewing Company came out with a bang! In the first few months of opening, they’ve already gotten 40 Google reviews, almost all of them overwhelmingly positive. Besides a wide selection of drinks, Back Shed Brewing also offers a wide variety of events and animations including live music, food trucks, holiday events and more.

Honey and Milk Ciders, photo by Jim Maurice from

# 3 (Linked) Ciders with Milk and Honey, St. Joe
4.8 out of 5 stars
282 reviews in total

Going from a 4.9 star rating to 4.8 is hardly a drop from grace for Milk & Honey Ciders. In fact, earlier this year they were named The best cider house in America today in a national competition. Focusing on dry, aromatic and tannic heirloom ciders and traditional cider apples, Milk & Honey Ciders not only deserve national recognition for their ciders – they also have one of the best tasting rooms and lineup. concerts in the region.

# 3 (Tie) Beaver Island Brewing Co., St. Cloud
4.8 stars
261 reviews in total

Open since 2015, BIBCO is the MA of modern microbreweries in St. Cloud (post-prohibition, anyway). Well established and one of the largest production / distribution breweries in the St. Cloud area, its 4.8 star rating and plethora of Google reviews are a testament to its well-deserved respect within the local community.

# 3 (Tied) Pantown Brewing Co., St. Cloud
4.8 stars
173 reviews in total

Until Back Shed Brewing opens, Pantown Brewing Company in the old Pantown neighborhood of St. Cloud was the new kid on the block. Over the past year, they have continued to gain the support and favor of the community, gaining over 50 additional reviews and rising from a 4.7 star review to 4.8 stars to become the second most popular brewery. from the St. Cloud area. With a great selection of year-round and seasonal offerings and their own comprehensive program of events and activities, Pantown Brewing Co. has definitely proven itself to be a place to be.

Do you have a favorite local brewery / tap room in St. Cloud?

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