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It’s the season. This is our last week of content for the year before I take a good two weeks off and I’m revisiting some of our best stuff that we released this year when we left. We’ve made over 200 podcasts / videos this year so I think it’s fair to share with you what our most downloaded episodes have been over the past 12 months. That’s all this list is based on, by the way – pure downloads… although I’ve removed all urgent podcasts from the lists. No one wants to listen to us preview the Cardinals-Titans Week 1 game here in December. Also, a big thank you to all the guests who hopped on a SoBros pod this year. It takes a village, and I’m always grateful to those of you who see SoBros Network as something worth spending time on. Take a moment to follow all the guests we’ve had on SoBros Network podcasts this year, then let’s get to the top 15:

The 15 best podcast episodes from the SoBros network in 2021

15. Call Him, Ep. 21: Spongebob Squarepants and Mental Illness – link – Rooster and Stoney complain about sweating a bit before delving into a lengthy discussion about Spongebob Squarepants, where the series ranks among other Nicktoons, and the parallels the series has with mental illness, including dissecting a fan theory. about how each character on the show represents a different disorder.

14. Call Him, Ep. 25: Scary Stories From Reddit, Pt. 2 – link – “Rooster and Stoney keep the Halloween tradition alive on Phone It In by sharing scary, supposedly true stories they found in the bowels of the internet known as Reddit.”

13. The Vick’s Flicks podcast, ep. 76: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and A Quiet Place – link – “Brandon and Stoney dive deep into the history of A Quiet Place, how it was born, and offer their thoughts on both films, while also delving into the filmography of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.”

12. Call Him, Ep. 20: Centralia, PA – link – “Rooster and Stoney delve into the history of the small town in Pennsylvania that has been slowly burning underground for decades now. It’s Phone It In on Centralia!

11. Call him, Ep. 19: The psychology of sects – link – “Rooster and Stoney delve into the wide array of cults that exist in the world, how they operate and how they recruit new members in the latest episode of Phone It In.”

10. Call Him, Ep. 14: The Story of Gatlinburg, Tennessee – link – “Stoney and Rooster completely mess the story of one of Tennessee’s largest vacation towns in the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg.”

9. Call Him, Ep. 22: Oak Ridge, Tennessee – link – Rooster and Stoney dive back into the subject of Tennessee history as they take a look at the creation of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Manhattan Project, the effects of mercury pollution, and a strangely confusing tangent on the construction.”

8. The unofficial Titans podcast, Ep. 69: Vince Young – link – Stoney Keeley and Outspoken Owen Reed reflect on the careers of Vince Young, from high school to the CFL, Mack Brown to Jeff Fisher, and his Rose Bowl victory to his shoulder in the crowd in the latest episode of The Unofficial Titans podcast.

seven. The unofficial Titans podcast, Ep. 67: The 2013 draft class – link – “Stoney Keeley delves deeply into Titans football of the early 2010s, especially the work of Ruston Webster and that horrific 2013 Draft Class, in the latest #OffseasonContent episode of The UnoffseasonContent of The Unofficial Titans Podcast.”

6. The Unofficial Titans Podcast, Ep. 68: The Titans-Ravens Rivalry – link – “Stoney Keeley and Outspoken Owen Reed delve into the history of the Tennessee Titans-Baltimore Ravens rivalry and what makes it so heinous in the latest episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast.”

5. Call him, Ep. 18: Black Friday – link – “Rooster and Stoney are all bullshit about their feelings on Black Friday, and Rooster gives us a brief lesson on how big retail day began. “

4. The Unofficial Titans Podcast, Ep. 63: The 10 Best Quarterbacks In Titans History – link – “Sounds silly, doesn’t it?” Stoney Keeley and Outspoken Owen Reed offer their lists of the 10 best quarterbacks in Tennessee Titans history during the first #OffseasonContent show of 2021.

3. The Vick’s Flicks podcast, ep. 75: Jason Statham – link – “With Wrath of Man in theaters, Brandon and Stoney take the opportunity to relive the career of one of the film industry’s biggest action draws, Jason Statham.”

2. Call him, Ep. 13: Death in Disney theme parks – link – In this uplifting episode of Phone It In, Rooster and Stoney delve into some of the deaths that have taken place at Disney theme parks in an attempt to possibly deter people from going to theme parks during A GLOBAL PANDEMIC . “

1. The Unofficial Titans Podcast, Ep. 66: Tennessee Titans and Professional Wrestling – connectionstoney Keeley and Outspoken Owen Reed delve into the often-forgotten history of the Tennessee Titans with the professional wrestling industry, particularly Jeff Jarrett and TNA (now Impact Wrestling). Topics include Frank Wycheck and “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm, Team Pacman, Kyle Vanden Bosch and the Wildhorse Saloon and more! This one is for wrasslin fans!

Stoney Keeley is the editor of the SoBros Network and a connoisseur of Dogs Playing Poker on Velvet. He is a strong supporter of the GSD team, #BeBetter and “Minds right, ass tight”. “Big Natural” covers the Titans of Tennessee, Nashville, Yankee Candle and a whole host of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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