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Since Friends is the heartwarming kind of sitcom that fans can watch over and over again, everyone has their favorite episodes. But while a re-watch will always be fun, fans don’t want to watch every episode more than once. This could be because a storyline doesn’t make sense, a favorite couple are fighting, or they just don’t find the plot so funny. Since this is such a beloved and iconic show, these lackluster episodes definitely stand out.

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Viewers took to Reddit to share their least favorite episodes of Friends and the ones they always skip when they completely re-watch the show or when a rerun comes on TV.

ten “The one with the next day” (S3, E16)

Reddit user maverick340 said, “I’m still skipping Season 3 Episode 16 – The One With The Next Morning. [It’s] It’s been ages since I’ve seen this. ”In this episode, Ross feels bad after sleeping with Chloe, and although he and Rachel have agreed to take some time apart, he still knows he has. fair.

Friends fans are debating Ross and Rachel’s hiatus, and since it’s such a controversial aspect of the show, it’s no wonder some people prefer to skip this episode. It’s really frustrating to watch these characters dance around each other without admitting that, of course, they love each other and should stay together.

9 “The One with the False Party” (S4, E16)

Rachel dressed as a cheerleader on Friends

A Redditor said: “Always the one where Rachel throws a fake party to get Emily to be closer to Joshua.” Reddit user IsThatADinoOnUrTie replied that they didn’t like “how Rachel acts with Joshua”.

It’s not a very popular episode as fans don’t like Rachel acting like she’s getting together to say goodbye to Emily, but she really just wants to flirt with Joshua. Viewers also don’t like it when Rachel puts on her high school cheerleader uniform. It’s embarrassing to see Rachel being anything other than her sweet, confident habit.

8 “The One With All Thanks” (S5, E8)

For Reddit user rawrfudge, they skip “all flashbacks” because high school Monica “makes me so uncomfortable”.

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One of the more well-known flashback episodes is Season 5‘s “The One With All The Thanksgiving” and it features the offensive and problematic discussion of “Fat Monica”. This episode is particularly difficult to watch again as teenager Chandler calls Monica overweight. While he apologizes in the current part of the episode, it still makes perfect sense for fans to ignore this episode now. Viewers much prefer to watch Monica and Chandler’s heartwarming journey from friend to soulmate.

7 “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break” (S3, E15)

Season 3 is tough for Rachel and Ross fans. One Redditor wrote: “I tend to skip the big ross / rachel breakup episode and the clips like others have mentioned.”

Some think Rachel and Ross are a bad sitcom couple during this hiatus because Rachel doesn’t think Ross cares enough about his career dreams. This season 3 episode is difficult to watch as it looks like Ross can tell Rachel that he thinks his job is great and that he will be there for her. But he doesn’t seem willing to say anything positive about his situation, which led to their breakup which fans are still talking about to this day.

6 “The One Where Joey Speaks French” (S10, E13)

Joey is always hailed as one of the most hilarious Friends characters but fans don’t like all of its episodes. For Reddit user Hap_Hazardous, one of the sitcom’s worst episodes is “The One Where Joey Speaks French.”

While Joey has to learn French for an audition, and it’s good that Phoebe is helping him, it’s not a popular scenario with many viewers. Joey struggles to learn the language, but the storyline turns offensive when Phoebe lies and tells the director that he’s her brother and has a mental disability. It’s hard to imagine that airing today, and since so many episodes followed Joey’s desire to become a successful actor, it doesn’t have to be either.

5 “The one where no one offers” (S9, E1)

Friends Joey and Rachel kiss after their date

Reddit user ASREV doesn’t like this Season 9 episode and explained, “Last night I skipped the one where no one offers. The whole plot of Joey proposing and annoying Ross is squeaky.”

For many fans, Joey and Rachel’s romance was going to fail, and this episode has a weird and confusing story. In the Season 8 finale, Rachel has her daughter Emma and thinks she and Joey are engaged. Joey finds it hard to explain that he didn’t offer anything at all. It’s a good choice to skip this episode as it seems unrealistic and unnecessary.

4 “The one who had the truth about London” (S7, E16)

Friends Monica and Chandler in London

Reddit user quesadilla17 explained his issue with this Season 7 episode: “He’s got a couple [of] good scenes, but I don’t like the new elements she introduced to the way Monica and Chandler came together. “

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In this episode, fans learn that when Monica knocked on the hotel room door, she was interested in having sex with Joey. Ever since Chandler was there she slept with him, and then, of course, they started dating. It’s no wonder viewers wish this episode had a different storyline, as it changes the origin story of this popular couple. And since fans don’t like Joey and Rachel’s relationship, it makes sense that they don’t want Monica and Joey to be in love either.

3 “The One Where Joey Is Dating Rachel” (S8, E12)

Friends Rachel and Joey (Season 10)

Reddit user King_Kong_The_eleven said they were skipping “Any Joey Rachel episode,” which makes this season 8 episode seem logical to skip.

Joey and Rachel are dating because Rachel is disappointed that she is not in a relationship. She thinks they are just friends and he starts to feel something more. Many viewers think this is one of the worst romances on the show because they don’t buy that these two characters like each other. Their chemistry isn’t good and it doesn’t feel like they have a special bond, unlike Ross and Rachel.

2 “The last” (S10, E17 and E18)

Friends The Last One season 10 finale

Reddit user ezmang0 said, “I never watch the last two episodes. It’s too emotional and I always end up sobbing.”

While the Friends the finale raised a few questions, fans generally approve of the way the story ended since everyone had a happy ending. It’s really heartbreaking to see the characters drift away from each other, and it’s especially hard to imagine Rachel and Monica no longer living together. In this case, some people choose to skip this episode because it’s too sad, not because it’s not funny or poorly done.

1 “The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss” (S5, E17)

Split Image of Chandler and Monica Lying in Bed and Phoebe Smiling at Friends

For a Redditor, this Season 5 episode should always be skipped. They wrote, “I ignore the one where Monica competes with Pheobe over who the sexiest couple is. Monica’s obsession with being the best and Chandler’s response scares me very much.”

While Monica is a competitive person, it is uncomfortable to see her so upset over Phoebe and Gary’s sex life. She wants Phoebe to think that she and Chandler are having more sex, which seems a little odd. there is much better Friends episodes that show the gentle dynamic between the characters.

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