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Deciding what to watch can sometimes be a difficult decision for some viewers. Instead of spending endless hours flipping through descriptions and trailers, movie and TV fans often turn to online databases like IMDb to help them find their next frenzy-worthy saga.

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While IMDb is useful to many in finding shows and movies to watch, it can also help viewers understand which episodes of otherwise great small screen media should be avoided at all costs. Instead of having to scroll through the endless amount of ratings to see which unsatisfying chapters of otherwise great shows don’t get best watched, here are some of the lower-rated TV episodes from well-known series on IMDb.

ten House Of Cards: Chapter 73 – 2.5 / 10 (6,950 + votes)

Netflix’s political thriller Card castle was initially well received by critics who hailed the series as an engaging drama. The show followed politically ambitious Democratic Congressman Frank Underwood and his equally power-hungry wife Claire. While the show received the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy awards, last season the positive reviews have shifted, with many expressing their disappointment in season 6.

The series finale, “Chapter 73,” which revealed who murdered Frank Underwood and why, received negative reviews from critics who viewed the episode’s premise as completely absurd. It has a rating of 2.5 compared to the episode of the premiere of the series “Chapter 1” which holds a rating of 8.6.

9 SpongeBob SquarePants: Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful / A Pal For Gary – 3.3 / 10 (632+ votes)

Divided into two parts, Spongebob Season 7’s poorly rated episode “Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful / A Pal for Gary” receives most of its reviews for its second part, “A Pal for Gary,” in which SpongeBob gets his pet snail, Gary, a friend to keep him company.

Unfortunately, the new friend, Puffy Fluffy, is very aggressive towards Gary and even tries to kill him while SpongeBob SquarePants remain completely unconscious. Heavily criticized by fans for his cruel treatment of Gary by Puffy Fluffy and SpongeBob, the episode currently sits at 3.3 on IMDb.

8 Riverdale: Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town – 3.4 / 10 (2,426+ votes)

An image of Kevin wearing a Hedwig and Angry Itch costume in Riverdale

The CW’s teen drama series, Riverdale, has had its fair share of ups and downs in terms of reviews. The Season 4 musical episode, “Wicked Little Town,” which currently has a rating of 3.4 on IMDb, is clearly seen as one of the show’s weak spots.

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The episode sees the characters perform numbers from the musical Hedwig and the angry thumb after Mr. Honey banned Kevin from performing a number at the variety show. Overall reviews for the episode seem pretty mixed, with some finding the episode to be an enjoyable watch, while others just weren’t impressed with writing or performing “Wicked Little Town”.

7 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Intimidation Game – 3.5 / 10 (1772+ votes)

Long-running detective drama series Law and Order: SVU follows NYPD detectives from the Special Victims Unit as they investigate crimes, usually of a sexual nature. The show has received its fair share of Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe accolades, but, as with any long-running series, it’s not without a few negatively rated episodes.

Season 16’s “Bullying Game” currently holds a 3.5 rating on IMDb, with fans finding the show’s take on Gamergate less than satisfactory in its portrayal of a woman in a stereotypical industry centered on men. Critics of the episode criticize it as “cliché, unrealistic and overly stereotypical.”

6 The Simpsons: Lisa Goes Gaga – 3.9 / 10 (2,395+ votes)

Any show that has lasted as long as The simpsons a is bound to have a few less than satisfactory episodes mixed in in its thirty-two seasons. The season 23 finale episode, “Lisa Goes Gaga,” starred Lady Gaga as herself on a mission to help Lisa regain her self-esteem after her failed plan to become popular.

Critically, the episode received mixed reviews, while fans of the series reacted with disappointment. Many of them even considered it to be the worst episode of the series. As of this writing, the episode sits at 3.9 on IMDb with many reviews starting the episode management of its guest star.

5 Game Of Thrones: Game Of Thrones – 4/10 (231,068+ votes)

An image of Daenerys Targaryen standing in front of the Dothraki in Game of Thrones

While this is an extremely popular show with the release of each season highly anticipated, HBO’s Game Of Thrones ended on a low note, with many disappointed fans criticizing the show’s final six episodes as a spoiled rush from the acclaimed previous seasons.

The finale, which revealed the fate of the characters remaining after the series’ final battle, ultimately got its low marks following complaints that many subplots had been scrapped or ultimately unnecessary. The villainous turn and demise of popular Daenerys Targaryen was also condemned, with viewers claiming how undeveloped and unsuited to the character they had watched in the previous seven seasons.

4 Dexter: Do you remember the monsters? – 4.6 / 10 (17 898+ votes)

For eight seasons, fans of the television series Dexter saw Miami anti-hero Dexter Morgan lead a double life both as a charismatic blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department and as a vigilante-style serial killer.

While the series has gained a loyal fan base over the course of its airing, one of the most universal criticisms raised by critics and fans alike is the series finale “Remember the Monsters?” It was criticized as one of the worst endings in the series, with many viewing the main character’s ending as a lumberjack hiding a boring, bizarre ending to what was once a promising show.

3 Grey’s Anatomy: How to Save a Life – 4.9 / 10 (3,046+ votes)

Meredith Gray in Grey's Anatomy

The popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy definitely had its ups and downs with fans on IMDb. Now in its seventeenth season with most of the original cast missing, the series continues to follow the life of Meredith Gray and her peers at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Returning in Season 11, the episode, “How to Save a Life,” killed beloved main character Derek Shepherd, much to the disappointment of fans. Critically, the episode received mixed reviews, while fans viewed it as a bummer for the way the series wrote Dempsey’s release. Currently, the episode sits at 4.9 on IMDb, with many fan reviews disparaging the script for the episode.

2 True Blood: Merci – 5.1 / 10 (2,233+ votes)

Despite its initial popularity, somewhere along the way, the supernatural series, Real blood, has lost its appeal with fans. From the Charlaine Harris series of novels The mysteries of the vampires of the south, the show revolved around the life of Bon Temps’ telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, her undead lover Bill Compton, and their closest allies.

In its seventh season, the series finale, “Thank You,” was seen as a major disappointment, with many fans expressing disappointment with the way the series enveloped the characters, while also criticizing the messy storylines of the seasons. subsequent. While some viewers were happy with the series finale, most seem to agree that the final years of Real blood just weren’t as good as previous seasons.

1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Beer Bad – 5.8 / 10 (3,087+ votes)

This cult favorite from the 90s about a teenage girl chosen to fight the forces of darkness has undoubtedly been an inspiration to countless artists and fans. While the Emmy-nominated series is still popular to this day, not all episodes of the seven-year-old series have been well received. Season 4’s “Beer Bad” is often reported by fans and critics as one of the show’s worst episodes.

The episode is considered a dud mainly because of the way the episode handled the post to deter underage drinking. Contrary to the show’s typical preference for hiding metaphors considered relatable and introspective, “Beer Bad” pushes its message heavily in a way that felt too forced and cheesy. According to one reviewer, the episode “knocks people over their heads with its meaning … literally.”

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