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Pictures via Nickelodeon

For nearly three decades — yes, three decades! – Stephen Hillenburg’s ever-popular animated series Sponge Bob SquarePants regularly entertained viewers of all ages. After airing its first episode on July 17, 1999, the series eventually caught on and has since become a staple of media and entertainment worldwide. With a cast of colorful characters and gifted actors, it’s no wonder SpongeBob and the gang have established their legacy in animated television.

Throughout its raucous run, the engaging series has generated an abundance of holiday-themed specials – several of which feature an eerie narrative that echoes Halloween themes. And, while Halloween isn’t considered a national holiday by society, a handful of episodes fit neatly into the spooky umbrella.

So, with Halloween fast approaching, here are the top 10 Sponge Bob SquarePants Halloween episodes, ranked.

10. “The Curse of Bikini Bottom” (Season 7, Episode 7)

Any episode featuring The Flying Dutchman is guaranteed to contain a plethora of genuinely terrifying scares and moments. In the seventh episode of the seventh season, SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally remove The Flying Dutchman’s signature beard with a lawnmower. As a result, The Flying Dutchman turns the merry duo into soulless ghosts – cursing them in the process until their beards grow back. The episode is packed with humorous moments, and with a ghostly theme and the inclusion of a graveyard, it gives off the perfect Halloween vibe.

9. “A Hut in the Kelp” (Season 12, Episode 21)

Considering the title of this episode is a parody of the 2011 slasher A cabin in the woods, it makes perfect sense for him to be included in this list. In “A Cabin in the Kelp”, Pearl and her friends go to a cabin for the weekend. Unbeknownst to the rest of his friends, Pearl has brought SpongeBob with him to prank and go wild. However, after Pearl’s friends tell a spooky urban legend around the campfire at night, the whole gang is petrified that the story is true. It’s a must-watch episode that definitely echoes that familiar Halloween feel.

8. “Don’t Look Now” (Season 9, Episode 9)

“Don’t Look Now” is the perfect episode on par with the scare factor surrounding Halloween. In the fast-paced episode, SpongeBob and Patrick head to the cinema to watch a horror movie – though Squidward strongly advises against it, saying the pair would get too scared. Unsurprisingly, Squidward turns out to be right, and SpongeBob and Patrick are scared beyond belief. As they leave the theater, the duo convince themselves that the villain of the horror movie is after them – seeing the movie’s monster in the shadows and innocent civilians. This episode is full of hilarious moments that swing on the “scary” scale.

7. “The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom” (Season 11, Episode 5)

See, what did we tell you? Almost all the Spongebob episode featuring The Flying Dutchman packs a terrifying punch that tingles the spines of eagle-eyed viewers. In this spooky extra-animated episode, The Flying Dutchman has one task on his agenda: scare SpongeBob on Halloween. Sure, the premise alone sounds scary, but The Flying Dutchman’s efforts are actually humorous. Plus, it makes the comedy even funnier considering how easily SpongeBob gets scared. As a result, this episode rightfully deserves a spot on this creepy list.

6. “Ghoul Fools” (Season 8, Episode 10)

If there’s one thing about SpongeBob and Patrick, they’ll surely always find themselves in peculiar situations. In the tenth episode of the eighth season, our beloved duo stumble upon a houseboat crawling with the ghosts of dead pirates. The underwater pair encounter an apparition named Lord Poltergeist, and the rest of the episode is filled with otherworldly supernatural occurrences and a boatload of memorable moments. Without breaking tradition, The Flying Dutchman makes an animated appearance, as it is a Halloween episode.

5. “I was a teenager Gary” (season 1, episode 13b)

There’s just something nostalgic about the early days of Spongebob which takes many people back to their childhood. From the first season, “I Was a Teenage Gary” stands out as one of the most memorable episodes of the entire animated series. In the episode, after SpongeBob comes across a strange syringe containing snail plasma, he is hauntingly injected and turns into a snail. It’s an episode full of eerie scenes and unforgettable lines of dialogue that really set that Halloween vibe — and seeing as the episode was released just three days before Halloween, it does the trick.

4. “Rock Bottom” (Season 1, Episode 17)

Another iconic episode from the first season, “Rock Bottom” features one of the most terrifying situations for the titular character. And, while this episode isn’t technically a Halloween episode – seeing as it was released in March 2000 – its overall vibe is one that’s familiar with the spooky atmosphere of Halloween itself. In the episode, SpongeBob gets lost after leaving Glove World with Patrick, only to find himself trapped in an underwater area called Rock Bottom. While stranded, SpongeBob experiences anxiety due to the isolation and spends the entire episode desperately trying to get back to Bikini Bottom. It’s a spooky adventure that certainly deserves a spot near the top.

3. “Krabby Patty Creature Feature” (Season 11, Episode 7)

The Halloween-esque spirit is definitely in the episode title, isn’t it? In “Krabby Patty Creature Feature”, SpongeBob must swap his boxy pants for a heroic cape after a disastrous new Krabby Patty formula turns the people of Bikini Bottom into terrifying creatures, including fan-favorite characters like Mr. Krabs and Sandy. In the end, SpongeBob finally returns the people of Bikini Bottom to normal, but the endless list of hilarious moments and mind-blowing virus realization are enough to scare everyone.

2. “Graveyard Shift” (Season 2, Episode 16)

Considered one of the most iconic episodes of Spongebob Lore, it would be a travesty not to include “Graveyard Shift” in the show’s top two Halloween episodes. In the episode, Squidward and SpongeBob work the night shift at the Krusty Krab – though the spooky surroundings quickly make SpongeBob paranoid. Eventually, SpongeBob manages to scare Squidward away with his paranoia, and the two believe a monster called the Hash-Slinging Slasher is after them. It’s a wild episode with lots of laughs that’s just perfect for Halloween marathons.

1. “Scaredy Pants” (season 1, episode 13a)

You can’t beat the classics. Of the show’s beloved first season, ‘Scaredy Pants’ is arguably the best Spongebob Halloween episode. Throughout the first half of the episode, SpongeBob is nicknamed “SpongeBob ScaredyPants” by his friends and peers because he is constantly scared on Halloween. However, SpongeBob decides that this year for Halloween he is going to dress up as something scary to test his fears. With Patrick’s help, SpongeBob disguises himself as The Flying Dutchman and hatches a plan to scare everyone in Bikini Bottom. It’s a truly iconic episode that will go down in history as one of the best animated Halloween episodes.