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There’s a good reason why Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running television shows of all time: the ABC show has only a few flaws that are mostly negligible. It’s hard to single out a low entry among the 389 episodes aired so far and that’s mainly because of the good writing and good performances from the cast.

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In a show with so many episodes, picking the best one could be a daunting task. Luckily, a few websites help with this and Ranker is one of them. Through upvotes and downvotes, viewers of the show Shondaland had their say on which episodes they consider to be the best of them all. Grey’s Anatomy’s 18 seasons.

ten “Dark Was the Night” (S8, E9)

After a long battle with Von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome, one of the most memorable Grey’s Anatomy patients, Henry Burton, meets his death. Derek and Meredith are also upset with the news that they won’t be getting Zola back.

The mid-season finale is emotional as three of the main characters suffer what they consider a terrible loss. Even though Zola’s loss of custody isn’t as bad as Henry’s death, Meredith and Derek are still hurting because they grew attached to the child. Teddy, on the other hand, feels the greatest pain because she had begun to think of Henry as her love’s true love.

9 “Some Kind of Miracle” (S3, E17)

meredith sits down with ghost denny

Doctors attempt to save Meredith’s life after she is saved from drowning. Derek also fights with Ellis over his treatment of Meredith.

“Some Kind of Miracle” is a golden episode due to the amount of tension contained within it. In all the Grey’s Anatomy episodes where Meredith nearly dies is where it feels like the afterlife is a real possibility. The anxiety is heightened even further when Meredith is transported to a strange alternate reality where she encounters some of the show’s deceased characters who trick her into accepting that she is dead. Fortunately, this is not the reality and Grey’s the main character lives to feature in many more episodes.


8 “Remember the Time” (S9, E2)

In the aftermath of the plane crash, Derek is content to teach because he thinks he will not find the proper use of his hand. Elsewhere, Mark falls into a coma while Callie makes the decision to amputate Arizona’s leg.

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Melancholy runs through the episode without a single thing to give the characters hope for the future. Derek can’t imagine a future where he can’t save lives in the operating room and neither can the fans. Plus, there’s the strong hint that Mark could die, which seems like a lot considering everything that just happened.

7 “The first cut is the deepest” (S1, E2)

Meredith goes looking for roommates at the hospital, though she rules out living with George and Izzie. Burke and Derek also fight for the position of Chief of Surgery.

Meredith’s long list of friends is full of intriguing characters and it’s all thanks to her hospitable nature. The star surgeon was never alone, even in her own home, which brought many people closer to her. Watching Burke and Derek lock horns is fun too, and audiences will be happy he doesn’t get the job at this particular point. This probably would have ruined his appeal as a character since he proved to be a weak leader when he finally got the job later in the series.

6 “Perfect Storm” (S9, E24)

A storm causes a power outage at the hospital, forcing Meredith to give birth in the dark. There are also some interesting relationship developments, with Alex teaming up with Jo, Callie and Arizona arguing over Boswell and Cristina’s breakup with Owen. Richard is also electrocuted.

“Perfect Strom” feels more like a thriller episode, with new challenges popping up right after existing ones are resolved. Richard’s cliffhanger is definitely what makes the episode unforgettable. Viewers are forced to wait to find out his fate. There is also relief for viewers when Cristina and Owen, one of the worst Grey’s Anatomy ships, halfway.

5 “A Hard Day’s Night” (S1, E1)

Bailey shows the interns around the hospital in Grey's Anatomy

The pilot episode introduces a new group of trainees who become the show’s main characters. Meredith and Derek’s relationship also begins, thanks to a one-night stand.

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Bailey is the character that really makes the episode shine as she leads the trainees and explains to them what will be asked of them. She also makes sure to drop some amazing one-liners. The foundations are also laid for many other plot structures that would be shown throughout the series, including the doctors who always date their colleagues.

4 “Walking on Water” (S3, E15)

Rick Grey's Anatomy Ferry Crash

A ferry accident forces the entire Seattle Grace staff into action. And after parting with his wife, Richard dyes his hair to impress the ladies.

Viewers who enjoy seeing doctors in action more than following their personal lives will enjoy “Walk On Water.” The frenzy makes for a fast-paced episode that keeps the eyeballs drawn into the final minutes. Plus, the comedic nature of Richard’s new hairdo brightens up an episode that usually feels dark.

3 “Sanctuary” (S6, E23)

Alex on the ground after being shot in Grey's Anatomy

A widower named Gary Clark lashes out at the hospital because he blames the doctors for his loss. Derek gets shot while Teddy and Owen risk their own lives to save a patient’s.

“Sanctuary” stands out from all other episodes because it offers viewers a kind of action-packed scenes that they are usually not used to. For the most part, it feels like an episode of a crime procedural or action movie rather than a medical drama. Moreover, the bravery of the surgeons creates unforgettable moments.

2 “Death and All His Friends” (S8, E24)

The story of the hospital shooting continues, with more tribulations arising. Jackson saves Derek’s life by tricking Clark. Unfortunately, Meredith miscarries when she mistakenly believes that Derek is also dead.

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“Death And All His Friends” has about the same amount of tension and tragedy as “Sanctuary.” However, it’s more satisfying as Richard ends the chaos when he convinces Clark to kill himself so he can find his wife. Unfortunately, most of the damage done is irreparable.

1 “Flight” (S8, E24)

Mark holding Lexie's lifeless hand after the plane crash in Grey's Anatomy

A group of Seattle Grace doctors find themselves stranded in the woods after their plane crashes. Elsewhere, Owen fires Teddy to allow him to accept the position offered to him at the United States Army Medical Command.

“Flight” is arguably one of the most tragic episodes in television history as almost every fan favorite is affected by the accident. Even those who survive end up with serious injuries. The pain becomes harder to bear when Lexie succumbs to her injuries. Watching doctors cry both in pain and because of the suffering of others is truly heartbreaking.

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