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With six seasons under his belt, the original Super girls is often seen as a cornerstone of ’90s television. Despite a few attempts to reboot the series, most fans agree that the original episodes are the definitive Powerpuff Girl experience. IMDb users have followed suit by cataloging the episodes of the series.

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While the original episodes of Super girls all carry a consistency in their quality, some episodes stand out from the others. Whether scary, inventive, or even a little silly, top rated episodes keep fans coming back for one reason or another.

ten Lui Diddle Riddle (7.7)

An image of Him happily serving an annoyed Professor Utonium in a restaurant.

Aired during Season 4, “Him Diddle Riddle” pits the girls in a timed battle of wits against the villainous Him under threat from Professor Utonium to “pay” for their failure. Despite the seemingly high stakes of the situation, the episode proves to be a fun character exercise by showing how the Powerpuff Girls solve problems.

Whether it’s fighting a monster without their powers or winning the SATs, Him’s challenges are deliciously evil as they push the girls beyond their limits. Even the revelation that Professor Utonium is “paying” implies that he is paying top dollar for breakfast matches the episode’s irreverent tone, making “Him Diddle Riddle” a classic.

9 Telephones / Tough Love (7.9)

The injured citizens of Townsville laugh alongside the Powerpuff Girls.

The town of Townsville presents a colorful cast of wacky and sinister enemies of Powerpuff Girl, whose antics are very present in these two episodes of Season 1. While “Telephonies” features the Gangreen Gang prank calling the Powerpuff Girls and even other villains is “Tough Love” which proves the particularity of the two episodes as he turns Townsville against the Powerpuff Girls.

Not only did “Tough Love” establish him as a major threat to girls and Townsville with his ability to play with others, but he also forced girls to fight against their own family and friends. For a kids’ show about kindergartens fighting crime, that’s incredibly heavy material.

8 Just another Mojo / Mime Maniac for a change (7.9)

Season 1’s “Just Another Manic Mojo” highlights Powerpuff Girls’ nemesis, Mojo Jojo, as he embarks on a Wile E. Coyote-style chase with the girls as his personal Roadrunners. The episode changes perspective in an entertaining way, as fans see Mojo’s take on the girls as both enemies and nuisances.

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“Mime For A Change,” on the other hand, introduced the fandom to the beloved song “Love Makes The World Go Round,” a musical number that girls sing to bring color to their beloved Townsville. He is also known for brutally beating the girls in Rainbow the Clown after he has already apologized for his actions.

7 The Best Powerpuff Girls Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts (7.9)

A screenshot from Bubbles and Blossom mimicking the Mayor of Townsville and Mrs. Bellum.

While “Just Desserts” in Season 2 follows on from a story from a previous episode by pitting the Powerpuff Girls against the Evil Smith Family, “Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever” (also from Season 2) is an episode by classic excellence. He succeeds by recognizing the Powerpuffs as otherwise normal little girls, leading to a fun Slice of Life story that even gets the Professor playing.

The creativity girls get in portraying their own superhero antics is both childish and hilarious for all ages. In a comedic moment clearly aimed at adults, Blossom stuffs her shirt with teddy bears and puts on a pair of heels to play the part of sultry Mrs. Bellum.

6 Drop (8.1)

The Professor and Blossom talk to each other in tears as the Powerpuff Girls are drained of their energy.

This particularly disturbing episode of Super girls starts off innocently enough, with Professor Dick’s old college friend barely arriving for a visit. As soon as Dick arrives, it becomes clear that his intentions for girls are far from healthy as he steals a vial of Chemical X and creates his own Powerpuff Girls bootleg to cash in on it.

Dick falls so low in his quest for monetary gain that most fans consider him the most sinister single villain seen in the series. On the flip side, the Season 4 episode shows Professor Utonium at his best as he struggles to save the girls from exploitation.

5 See me, smell me, Gnomey (8.1)

Fuzzy Lumpkins, Lui, Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, the Gangreen Gang, the Amoeba Boys and Princess Morbucks perform

On paper, an episode of rock opera by Super girls seems completely ridiculous. In practice, this is still a very cheesy idea but in a way it works. This Season 5 episode centers around a magical gnome who takes the powers of the girls in exchange for spreading peace in Townsville by enslaving the citizens in a cult of personality. The music, however, is the real highlight of the episodes.

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None of the characters are particularly great singers, except the girls and the gnome. Despite this, the songs are so catchy and the characters very charismatic in their performance that it is difficult for fans not to stomp their feet to the beat.

4 Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts (8.2)

Until the premiere of “Bubblevicious,” most fans described Bubbles as a cute comedic relief character and considered her to be the weakest link in girls. This Season 1 episode takes those notions and throws them away, demonstrating Bubbles’ true desire to be seen as as hardcore as her sisters. While some of her exploits turn out to be exceptionally brutal, it also provided catharsis for Bubbles fans who wanted to see her taken seriously.

“The Bare Facts,” meanwhile, is a fun little episode about the girls telling the mayor how they saved him from Mojo Jojo – while hiding the fact that Mojo stole his clothes. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s a good way to cool off from its intense counterpart.

3 The Rowdyruff Boys (8.4)

The Rowdyruff Boys and Mojo Jojo celebrate the loss of the Powerpuff Girls.

The Season 1 episode “The Rowdyruff Boys” had the biggest impact on the form of the Super girls fandom as a whole. He introduced viewers to the titular Trio of Terrors, created by Mojo Jojo with the goal of “fighting fire with fire” and defeating the Powerpuff Girls. Viewers almost immediately clung to the boys for their memorable designs and potential for expedition with the girls.

Even though the boys were apparently killed off at the end of the episode, that didn’t stop fans resurrecting the boys in various fanfics where they became good guys. Eventually, the Boys were brought back by popular demand over the following seasons, becoming recurring villains.

2 Speed ​​Demon / Mojo Jonesin ‘(8.6)

“Speed ​​Demon” is widely regarded by fans as the scariest episode of all Super girls series, and for good reason. The Powerpuff Girls inadvertently travel through time to a dark future where their absence leads to a desolate city ruled by him. He transforms into a more terrifying form and scares the girls, who conclude that Townsville cannot stand their departure.

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“Mojo Jonesin ‘” is also a dark episode of how Mojo Jojo manipulates innocent classmates of girls using Chemical X. While most fans agree that “Speed ​​Demon” is the scariest episode, the two packaged together provide an intense viewing experience beyond the content of normal episodes.

1 Moral Decline / Meet the Beat-Alls (8.6)

A beloved episode of Super girls, “Meet The Beat-Alls” features Mojo Jojo’s most wacky yet ingenious plan to date. He brings together a team of the most notable villains the Powerpuff Girls have faced so far and unites them as “Beat-alls” — and his plan works!

True to its title, “Meet The Beat-Alls” features many references to The Beatles, ranging from quoting song lyrics to parodying their most famous album covers. It also shows that the villains the Powerpuff Girls face are not just one-note joke characters that exist to get hit with, but serious threats both in their own right and when working together.

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