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It seems that the extended universes are all the rage in movies and television these days. From the MCU and the Arrowverse to the Dick Wolf shows in Chicago and more, they’re all popular and often at their best when they cross paths. The same could be said of the world created by The vampire diary.

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Although it started out fairly simply in 2009, the franchise continued with The originals and Heritage nowadays. The shows have crossed paths several times, whether in a major way or just a small appearance of a character or two. These episodes sometimes rank among the best on one of these shows.

ten Mombie Dearest (Legacy) – 8.9

Alaric and Josette talk to their daughters

At its beginnings, Heritage didn’t hesitate to include references and nods to series from the past. The pilot included an appearance by Matt Donovan, while Jeremy Gilbert only appeared two episodes later. However, things really picked up with the sixth episode, “Mobie Dearest”.

He has the second-highest score of the inaugural season and has seen The Necromancer resurrect Josette Laughlin. This led to some moving scenes where Lizzie and Jo first met their mother and Alaric got to see his wife again. The title of the episode also referred to “Mommie Dearest,” a Season 7 episode of The vampire diary.

9 Where You Left Your Heart (The Originals) – 8.9

It’s no secret that one of the most popular romances in the history of this franchise was the one between Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes. As evil as Klaus was, she was the person he would be kind to and that helped him become a better person. So when Caroline appeared on The originals, the fans rejoiced.

She came out of nowhere in this season 5 premiere, “Where You Left Your Heart”, visiting Klaus to get him back on track to reunite with his family and especially his daughter. Not only was their reunion a welcome one, but it also saw the appearance of Dorian Williams, who would become a key part of Heritage.

8 You Can’t Save Them All (Heirlooms) – 9.0

Kai Parker in Legacies

The vampire diary had his fair share of memorable villains and Kai Parker was pure evil. He also had an important connection with Heritage Given that Josie and Lizzie are his nieces, his return in Season 2 therefore caused serious problems for the heroes.

After showing an episode for the first time, “You Can’t Save Them All” saw Alaric do everything in his power to protect his daughters from Kai. Ultimately, Alaric got the ultimate revenge for his entire family by beheading the villain and possibly marking his appearances forever.

7 Red door (The originals) – 9.0

Considering how long the Mikaelson have been around, it makes sense that they have a long history with all kinds of supernatural entities. Among them are doppelgängers, which are something that a lot of the franchise has been built around.

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“Red Door” marked a rare crossover role played by Nina Dobrev, as she played Tatia, a Petrova doppelgänger whom audiences didn’t know much about. The episode shed light on Tatia and her history with the original family, particularly with Elijah, who was in love with her.

6 The river upside down (The originals) – 9.0

Klaus talks to Elijah on the battlefield

In the seventh episode of season 1 of “Blooodletting”, (8.8), The originals saw Tyler Lockwood hit New Orleans in an attempt to get revenge on Klaus. This continued in the next entry, “The River in Reverse”, although it was unsuccessful and he was cast in The Garden.

The crossover aspect isn’t what makes this episode so great, though. This is, in fact, the drama of the Mikaelson family as Klaus ultimately takes action against Marcel, battling his vampires in an epic showdown. Marcel even relented with Rebekah on his side, causing Klaus to experience emotional breakdown as he accused his siblings of turning on him. It was perhaps Joseph Morgan’s best performance.

5 The Story of the Two Wolves (The Originals) – 9.1

Klaus and Caroline The originals

Caroline’s appearance in the Season 5 premiere was great, but it wasn’t the only time she showed up The originals. Later in the season, she returned for “The Tale of Two Wolves” as Klaus visited her at the School for Gifted Young People to ask her twins for help.

It was the first time that Hope and the twins had done something together, which would become a staple of Heritage. This episode not only saw a reunion again, but also served as the backdoor pilot for the next series. It was the penultimate episode of The originals and Caroline came back for the final but she was not as well received.

4 Kai Parker fucked us (Legacies) – 9.2

The aforementioned crossover involving Kai Parker was a huge deal for Heritage, marking a rare appearance by one of the main villains of the first series. His series debut took place in season 2’s “Kai Parker Screwed Us”, which saw him meet Alaric and the twins in a prison world of 2018.

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Prison worlds weren’t new to Kai, as he was when he first appeared in The vampire diary. This episode focused on him trying to prove that he had changed his ways and that he would help them. Of course, this was just a ruse, and Kai escaped to do evil deeds in the real world.

3 Behind the Black Horizon (The Originals) – 9.2

Matt Donovan as a cop

Sometimes the smaller crosses can make for the best episodes. This is the case of “Behind The Black Horizon”, which was part of season 3 of The originals. In it, Freya was kidnapped, forcing Elijah and Finn to embark on a mission to find her that led them to Mystic Falls.

There, they didn’t meet any supernatural beings, but they did meet Matt Donovan, who was still human and now the sheriff’s deputy. He was not happy to see vampires returning to his town, which created conflict. The best moments of the episode, however, involved Klaus, Hayley, and Lucien.

2 The Feast of All Sinners (The Originals) – 9.4

Freya and Rebekah Mikaelson

This franchise almost always made it through the season finals and that’s what happened again in The originals’ “All Sinners’ Day,” which closed Season 4. The Mikaelson family met the ultimate villain of The Hollow, who threatened their livelihood.

The episode saw the characters deal with how they would keep Hope safe and they did so by all taking a part of The Hollow, which set the stage for their split in the final season. The crossover here was small but crucial as it saw Hayley visit Alaric and Caroline’s school to give Hope a place to go.

1 A Streetcar Named Desire (The Originals) – 9.4

One of the best things about intersecting TV shows is when they involve multiple part episodes to make the stories unfold. This was done with “A Streetcar Named Desire” by The originals, which was preceded by The vampire diary ‘ “Moonlight on the Bayou” (8,8).

The whole thing was built around Stefan Salvatore visiting New Orleans for help with a hunter named Rayna Cruz chasing him. It marked a reunion of Klaus and Stefan, one of the best duos in the series. His arrival also helped Freya when Klaus and Elijah got trapped.

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