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The work of a street artist is going viral for using spray paint to create an incredible neon version of the legendary Pokemon Zapdos.

pokemon zapdos street art neon spray paint

Once considered almost universally unwanted graffiti, street art and the artists who create it have been seen in a much more positive light in recent years. One of these artists is now going viral on multiple platforms for his interpretation of the Legendary Electric type Pokemon, Zapdos.

2021 continues to be a huge year for the long haul Pokemon franchise. In addition to seeing the release of the highly anticipated Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl Later this year, Pokemon as a whole celebrates its 25 years. In addition, the ultra popular Pokémon GO is celebrating its fifth anniversary right now, offering players an assortment of challenges, research tasks, and rewards.

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Reposted on TikTok’s eerily satisfying r / Reddit page, the roughly one-minute video shows the artist’s entire spray painting process. Under the handle @fatcapsprays, the street artist starts the Pokemon work by depositing an orange layer tracing a first outline, followed by a few larger sprays. The characteristic yellow color of Zapdos comes next, the painter employing the same technique as that used with the orange layer.

They then trace everything very closely with a pot of white paint, which creates a vivid neon effect throughout the work. Finally, the artist adds pixel-like squares and lines in and around Zapdos, zooming out to reveal an incredible piece of street art.

The artwork is clearly a big hit with Pokemon fans, racking up an incredible 13.6 million views on TikTok and nearly 16,000 upvotes on Reddit’s surrender. However, he’s not the only TikTok artist to have gone viral on the platform for his fan art. In January, artist Leo Mahalo made headlines for his custom paint job, which transformed a MacBook into the original Pokémon Charizard card. While the Charizard map art uses real brushes to add finer detail, both works use spray paint techniques to achieve a shimmering base coat.

A third of the trio of legendary birds, Zapdos, along with his counterparts Articuno and Moltres, continue to be among the most popular Pokemon nowadays. So much so, in fact, that the newly discovered Australian beetles were named after legendary creatures. A new species of rare Binburrum beetles, the doctoral student who discovered them named them to reflect the insect’s real rarity. Plus he’s just a huge Pokemon fan.

Zapdos’ incredible street art will certainly continue to gain more attention in the immediate future. Fans will have their chance to capture Zapdos again when Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl launch in November.

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