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Spock and Kirk engage in Vulcan ritual combat

We charge Kal-if fees on your favorite Trek!
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Star Trek himself is 55 years old in just a few weeks, but from today’s episode of Lower decks, “We will always have Tom Paris,“ the franchise has reached another milestone: 800 episodes of hardly going have now been released for our joy, horror, and occasional mockery. But it also means choosing your time favorite becomes more and more difficult.

How do you even start to choose the better Star Trek episode, anyway? The Lord knows it, we have tried in the past here at io9– but even then we had to list 100 of the best episodes, not just one! There is so much Trek, and so much is talking about so many different things that make the series worth an 800 episode trip in the first place, distilling everything you love Star Trek in one slice is basically an existential crisis with a side of Gorn. People come to the franchise for very different things; Star Trek has such a variety that what one fan appreciates the most over another can be found in drastically different choices.

do his best Star Trek represent the most utopian ideals of the franchise? Does this speak to something about the human condition, through an alien lens or otherwise? Does it make you laugh or does it break your heart? Does he have the coolest naval battles? Does it just contain the line “Take the cheese to the infirmary, the doctor should review it as soon as possible.?

So let us know your favorite Star Trek episode of 800 possible choices in the comments below, whether from original series, TNG, Deep Space New, Traveler, Business, or maybe even more recent adventures like Discovery, Lower decks, Where Picard-but also tell us how you made this choice among 799 other options. What makes yours? Infinite diversity in at least 800 possible combinations, and all that.

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