Sport loans for children’s sports activities

Physical movement and sports activities for children ? Don’t worry, here is the Uni Lender Sport loan, a credit product designed for your children who love and want to move, have fun and play. You can enroll them in a sporting activity because gymnastics is a precious investment for human health and for everyone’s physical and psychological well-being.

Sport loans: for children’s sports activities

Sport loans: for children

As advised by doctors and the Italian Society of Pediatrics, recently intervened to highlight the risks associated with inactivity and the problem of childhood obesity, the Uni Lender Popolare di Milano bank has devised a truly special financing product to carry out the purpose of combating the sedentary lifestyle of children, allowing them to move through registration, active participation in courses and activities in the gym, in the pool or on the playing fields.

With UL’s Uni Lender Sport credit product, 1,000 euros can be disbursed , repayable in 10 months, without any preliminary costs being incurred: the fixed TAN applied is 5.90%, TAEG 10.32%. The monthly payment is equal to 102.72 euros and the total amount to be repaid at the end of the loan contract amounts to 1,045.20 euros, an amount that includes 27.20 euros in interest, 16 euros in stamp duty on the first installment, 2 euros for end of service communications.

To these interesting economic and contractual conditions is added a special promotion , created in collaboration with Adidos: it is a 150 euro voucher to be used online on the Adidos website by new Uni Lender customers who receive a Uni Lender Sport loan .

In order to participate and receive the Adidos voucher , upon activation of Uni Lender Sport the opening of a Uni Lender current account will be required, to be chosen within the range offered by the bank itself.

Uni Lender Popolare di Milano: the Uni Lender Sport loan

Uni Lender Popolare di Milano: the Uni Lender Sport loan

For children, here is the credit product prepared by Uni Lender Popolare di Milano (Uni Lender) to allow this catchment area to practice sports and gymnastics with ease and absolute convenience at any time of the day and during leisure time. A dedicated solution designed to fulfill the dreams of your little sportsman: the financing is at a fixed , flexible and affordable interest rate . It is possible to request a variable amount from 1,500 euros to a maximum of 30,000 euros , with a repayment plan of 12 to 84 months with the possibility of customizable choice; furthermore, it is possible to have a further sum after 18 months from delivery. The Client, after having regularly repaid at least eighteen installments of the loan, may request an additional amount equal to 30% of the amount originally granted (maximum 3,000 euros), at the interest rate in place, with simultaneous extension of the duration of the loan up to a maximum eighteen months.

Uni Lender: current account to be opened at the same time as the Uni Lender Sport loan

Sport loan

As required by the economic and contractual conditions of the Uni Lender Sport loan prepared by Uni Lender, a current account must be opened which can be chosen from the range available. The best advice to choose is to opt for either the Uni Lender Young account (for children up to 12 years of age) or the Young Account (for children aged 10 to 17).

Uni Lender Young is the savings book dedicated to children from 0 to 12 years: to guarantee them a future by setting aside a sum that grows over time; for parents, family members and friends who want to help them make important choices tomorrow.

Uni Lender Young is as convenient as a current account:

  • free fee
  • free operations
  • to receive wire transfers
  • to pay checks and cash
  • to withdraw cash.

Uni Lends Young is the free current account to give children aged 10 to 17 the freedom to manage their savings. A “basic” account to teach the culture of value; Uni Lends Young offers you:

  • free fee
  • unlimited movements
  • international debit card at zero cost
  • 10,000 euros limit
  • transfers incoming and outgoing calls.