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Sunday night, Maroon 5 took to the stage for a very tame and flawless Super Bowl halftime performance. Adam Levine and the other guys behind him performed some of their most popular hits, including “Sugar,” “Moves Like Jagger” and “This Love,” and dedicated the show to their late manager, Jordan Feldstein. But not everyone enjoyed Maroon 5’s vanilla performance: Sponge Bob SquarePants fans who had been waiting for the band to sing David Glen Eisley’s “Sweet Victory” were left disappointed after the cartoon sponge only featured Travis Scott. The slight perception left many Spongebobangry bers, and honestly, they need to relax.

the Spongebob hoopla began two months ago, when fans created a petition on to have “Sweet Victory” played at the Super Bowl in honor of the late Stephen Hillenburg, the show’s creator. More than 1.2 million people signed the petition, and in the weeks leading up to the game, Maroon 5 and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta posted Spongebob teasers, leading many to believe that their efforts had indeed paid off. The actor who voices Squidward, Rodger Bumpass, also posted on Facebook that he would be featuring “halftime fun” as his character, sparking further speculation of a “Sweet Victory” performance among fans.

About three minutes into the performance of Maroon 5, SpongebobThe intro of “Sweet Victory” started playing, and a digitized comet slowly approached the stadium. But when the comet finally arrived inside the stadium, “Sweet Victory” wasn’t playing; it was Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode”. Cue the outrage.

At least SpongeBob was happy?

It’s worth noting that “Sweet Victory” isn’t even a Maroon 5 song; it’s originally by David Glen Eisley and appeared in an episode of Spongebob which was fixed at the “Bubble Bowl”. Why would Maroon 5 want to cover someone else’s song, tribute or not? At the Super Bowl, the biggest stage in the world, where they were hired to play their own songs?

At the risk of upsetting the Spongebob fandom, I’ll shut up about the stupidity of all this uproar (oops). To move on. You still have 10 seconds of Spongebob at a sporting event that has absolutely nothing to do with cartoons. If that’s good enough for SpongeBob himself, it should be good enough for you too.

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