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We were addicted Sunset Sale ever since returning to Netflix, our favorite realtors wreaking havoc in Los Angeles.

As always, the drama revolved around Christine Quinn, with a deep division between the real estate agents of the Oppenheim group.

But there was one scene on the show that left viewers completely stumped – and to warn you, it’s a bit dark.

Christine Quinn used a single sentence (Credit: Netflix)

In the eighth episode of the fourth season, we see Christine having a drink with her fellow realtors Maya Vander and Davina Potratz, Christine telling the barista the intimate details of all their lives.

Pointing to Maya, Christine said, “She’s pregnant, I just had a baby and we are all on our period right now. We are just spending the time of our life.

The barista then recommends that they drink a “collagen-protecting” drink, as it is very effective in hydrating the body “from the inside” – especially since it is quite common for women to experience dryness after pregnancy. .

Christine intervenes, “I’m like SpongeBob SquarePants over there. Usually I just do the ‘lick and go…’ ”

Christine's 'technique' baffled viewers (Credit: Netflix)
Christine’s ‘technique’ baffled viewers (Credit: Netflix)

Of course, Maya was taken aback. In her confessional, she asked, “What’s the lick and go?” I never heard of it. I’ve read a lot of pregnancy books, but none of them.

And viewers were also in the dark about Christine’s odd technique.

“Hello, can someone tell me what Christine was referring to when she said ‘Lick and go’? One curious viewer asked on Twitter, as another asked, “Christine said she was licking and leaving… what?”

Fortunately, there is a response on Reddit.

Maya was confused (Credit: Netflix)
Maya was confused (Credit: Netflix)

After a person says, “What is ‘lick and go?’ They got a pretty blunt answer.

“I think it’s when you lick your fingers to use saliva as lubricant before you go into town,” they replied.

That’s right: according to the NHS website, it is normal for the vagina to feel drier after childbirth. This is linked to the lower levels of estrogen in your body compared to when you were pregnant.

Christine welcomed her first son, Christian Georges Dumontet, at the start of the year. Barely 10 days after welcoming her baby via Caesarean section, she decided to return to work – a decision that left her a victim of the vile trolls of the internet.

Sunset Sale is available to stream on Netflix.