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All along Schitt’s Creek Six seasons, fans watched the Roses humble themselves as they felt comfortable with their new normal. The end of the series ended the character story nicely, giving fans hope for a better future for Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis. However, there are some things that pop up on replay that make fans scratch their heads.

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Safer Reddit, fans gathered to discuss different times, decisions, and theories that keep them awake at night. From everyone who only eats at the Café Tropical to the sustainability of Rose Apothecary in a town like Schitt’s Creek, it’s hard to sleep at night when there are no answers to those dodgy times.

ten A theory that will never have an answer

Patrick, David, Alexis and Stevie say goodbye to Moira and David offscreen

The last season of Schitt Creek tied up all the details and place each character on an exciting journey. However, Love this000 has a theory that will probably never be answered now that the series is over. The Redditor wrote that “Stevie and Alexis’ staunch / awesome comedic performance” I didn’t sleep last night either “” might have been a shy way of suggesting the two have bonded. The idea that these two could start some kind of relationship is definitely keeping fans from sleeping at night.

9 Why does David sleep in his daytime clothes?

David in bed with Patrick in an episode of Schitt's Creek

Similar to how Moira falls asleep in vests and brooches, David falls asleep in her high-end day shirts and sweaters. I hate wrote: “The fact that David sleeps in his clothes every night” bothers them – and they weren’t alone. It wasn’t the most realistic moment when David didn’t have designer pajamas that he ironed before bed. Still, it’s just another little detail that keeps fans awake at night.

8 Will the Rose Apothecary last in a small town?

David rose opening the door to the rose apothecary on schitts creek

There are some things about Rose Apothecary that don’t always make sense, which is just one of the things that keeps Inthedarktheresnolit from sleeping at night. “I’ve always wondered how the apothecary stays open when it was almost always empty. It bothers me,” they wrote.

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Another fan brought a good point on the future of the store in the city. “The durability of the Rose Apothecary in such a small town” is unrealistic due to its small size. Not to mention, it’s not the most modern city where people would want the kinds of things David sells.

7 Where’s the grocery store in town?

Twyla at the counter with Alexis sitting and talking on Schitts Creek

When David realized he needed to find a job to earn an income, he tried working as a sack boy at the local grocery store. His first day went horribly and he left his shift early. However, this was the last time viewers saw the grocery store. In fact, the only form of food in Schitt’s Creek seems to come from Café Tropical. It’s one of those little things about the city that doesn’t make sense and keeps fans awake at night. The fact that “The only source of food was the Tropical Cafe” was sufficient to JeepPilot ask him about Reddit.

6 Where are the winter months?

The Rose family watch the motel sign on Schitt's Creek from afar

It is not said where in the world Schitt’s Creek is (and some reviews make it sound American), but it is shot in Ontario, Canada. However, it is frustrating for some that the show does not include some of the well known elements of Canada like cold months and snow. “[The weather] bothers me (even though I love the series) that it’s always summer, especially in the series that take place in Canada “, Alpinweg wrote. In fact, there is only one holiday-themed episode (“Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”) that presents a more realistic take on Canada.

5 There is no way this portrait has a place inside the motel

On Schitt's Creek, the Rose family look at a portrait of themselves hanging in their home before losing it all

When the IRS returned Rose’s huge family portrait to them, they had only a vague idea of ​​where to put it. Johnny was attached to the picture because it was a reminder of what they had and who they were. However, it was just too big for their little motel. Legalism33 asked the question, “How did they get the giant portrait inside?” Johnny managed to place the portrait in the lobby, but it doesn’t make sense that the Rosebud Motel had the space to fit this portrait inside.

4 Stevie could have done more than expand his motel

johnny gives stevie a high five on schitts creek

Oldcotsachick I can’t sleep on the fact that Stevie could have done a lot more with his career than the motel franchise. “I can’t help but think about what would happen if she turned this multi-motel franchise into a new identity of long-term real estate mover and shaker,” they wrote.

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Stevie and David’s friendship was only a small part of the series, but her character arc involving her career was just as important. The idea that she could have turned a good idea into an even greater opportunity is hard to shake because Stevie deserved more than Schitt’s Creek.

3 Mutt and Alexis breakup never fails to make you cry

While Alexis and Ted’s relationship is favored by fans, it’s hard not to think about his brief love affair with Mutt. In particular, their breakup was one of the most emotional moments of the series. As they sat at the Tropical Café, they barely said a word but looked at each other with tears in their eyes, knowing their time together was over. Frickinsnebhole wrote: “Alexis makes me cry after [she] and Mutt broke wrote. The actors did such a good job selling the scene that it’s hard not to think about it once the head hits the pillow.

2 Patrick did not belong to Schitt’s Creek

Patrick Brewer at his office on Schitt's Creek

As wonderful of a relationship that David and Parick have, Creature52 I can’t help but wonder why Patrick is at Schitt’s Creek to begin with. They wrote, “Why did this smart, handsome, charming and ambitious man (with a Broadway quality voice) move to Schitt’s Creek again?” The reason his presence keeps them awake at night is because Stevie once said that no one attractive and ambitious lives in Schitt’s Creek. If so, then Patrick (a good go-getter) seems out of place.

1 Moira’s antipathy

Moira speaks to a motel guest from the front desk at Schitt's Creek

There are some posts on Reddit that talk about Moira’s character arc and how she doesn’t change as much as the others. She was one of the funniest characters on the show, but did she take this period of growth seriously? Ok_Hippo_8940 thinks Moira isn’t likable, writing, “I love what she does for the show, but as the other characters mellow, Moira really doesn’t seem like.” While his lack of sympathy keeps this fan awake at night, others are because they feel the opposite. Martynic385 disagreed and felt that she “gets better” over time and becomes a better mother and wife.

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