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Schitt Creek has gone down in history as one of the best comedies of recent years, largely because of its hilarious and iconic characters. While the Rose Family gets most of the credit, there are several minor characters in Schitt Creek who helped elevate comedy, like Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire).

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Stevie Budd plays a major role in Schitt Creek since she is one of the first residents with whom the Roses interact. She later became part owner of the motel and best friend of David. Unlike the Roses, Stevie has a drier, sarcastic sense of humor which turns out to be hilarious.

ten Honeymoon (Season 1, Episode 10)

Stevie and David lying in a red heart bed

Schitt Creek answered the age-old question, “Can two people of the opposite sex be friends” during the show’s first season and the episode didn’t disappoint. After sleeping together, Stevie and David awkwardly navigate their new relationship, which turns out to be hilarious.

Stevie is rarely confused, so seeing her so unsure of what’s going on is a hilarious moment in her character’s journey. Watching the two awkwardly interact is comedy gold, and it’s also one of David’s best episodes for the same reason.

9 The Throuple (Season 3, Episode 2)

Stevie, David and Jake in a stall together at Schitt's Creek

Love triangles as a controversial topic are somewhat overrated these days, with polyamory becoming a more open topic and recognized by society as a valid relationship choice, which could explain why Schitt Creek decided to explore just that. In this episode, Stevie and David navigate their one-on-one relationship with Jake, who wants to date the two of them.

Stevie isn’t always good at expressing her feelings, so watching her try to work through her complex emotions about this relationship ends up being hilarious. The episode also ends up teaching viewers a great lesson about the importance of communication in relationships.

8 New Car (Season 3, Episode 3)

David and Stevie dressed in black sit together in a coach in Schitt's Creek

“New Car” could be considered one of Moira’s best episodes in Schitt Creek, but it’s also a fantastic Stevie episode. In the episode, Stevie clings to the loss of her great-aunt Maureen, with whom she learns she has a lot more in common than she likes to admit.

While Schitt Creek is known for being funny, it’s the serious, heartfelt moments that really shine, and that’s exactly what happens for Stevie in this episode. Fans can see a more serious side of her, and many can relate to her concerns about the similarities between her great aunt and herself.

7 Le Jazzaguy (Season 4, Episode 8)

Stevie and David in bathrobes at Schitt's Creek

In “The Jazzaguy”, Stevie takes David on a getaway that quickly becomes awkward when she tells the hotel that they are on their honeymoon to get various gifts. While the two pretend to be married, they end up uncovering some hard truths about their true romantic relationships.

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This is a quintessential Stevie episode because it shows all of his personality. She becomes a supportive friend of David, a sneaky hotel guest and even a vulnerable herself, as she opens up to David like never before.

6 The Plant (Season 5, Episode 3)

Roland, Stevie and Johnny meeting at Schitt's Creek

While Stevie primarily plays a supporting character throughout Schitt stream, she becomes the main character of “The Plant”. Determined to impress a travel blogger, she goes undercover as a guest at the Rosebud Motel in hopes of getting her review to a positive note.

Originally, Stevie didn’t want anything to do with the idea, but she ends up being extremely good at pretending to be a guest. Not only does she command Johnny a bit, but she also ends up sympathizing with the travel blogger and the two start dating – becoming one of the best couples on. Schitt Creek.

5 The Hospies (Season 5, Episode 8)

Johnny Rose and Stevie at the Hospies in Schitt's Creek

“The Hospies” is the best episode when it comes to heartwarming moments between Stevie and Johnny Rose. In the episode, the two travel to Elm Glen for the Regional Hospitality Awards, where they were nominated for “Best Customer Service.” Stevie plans to take his relationship with Emir to the next level during his stay, but it quickly backfires.

While “The Hospies” might be an incredibly low moment for Stevie, fans enjoyed seeing her being vulnerable. It’s also worth it for the incredible bonding moment Johnny and Stevie have when he realizes what’s going on.

4 Life is a Cabaret (Season 5, Episode 15)

Stevie performing at the Cabaret in Schitt's Creek

Stevie is truly the star of “Life Is A Cabaret” which is definitely one of the best musical episodes of a non-musical show. After weeks of rehearsals, it’s finally the opening night for Schitt’s Creek production of Cabaret, and it does not disappoint.

Stevie really goes through every emotion in this episode, ranging from nerves to excitement. She shows her selfless side by running to give David a surprise engagement gift, then shows off her star power when she takes the stage in her gorgeous solo.

3 The Job Interview (Season 6, Episode 3)

Stevie and David interviewing for Larry Air at Schitt's Creek

Many people experience difficulties at work, where they begin to wonder if their profession is the right profession. “The Job Interview” taps into these anxieties and follows Stevie and David as they go through an interview for a flight attendant position.

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This becomes an important episode for Stevie as it is the first time that she has actively undertaken to confront her anxieties about her job. While still not sure, it’s refreshing to see her chasing something that she thinks she wants. It’s also hilarious to see her and David compete for the flight attendant position.

2 The pitch (season 6, episode 12)

Johnny, Stevie and Roland at the pitch meeting at Schitt's Creek

“The Pitch” is one of Johnny Rose’s best episodes, but it’s also one of Stevie’s. After years of hard work transforming Rosebud Motel into a viable business, Stevie, Johnny, and Roland travel to New York City hoping to step up to the business.

While things don’t go as planned, it’s incredibly moving to see Stevie finally satisfied with her career choices. Not only does she end up killing him at the pitch meeting, but she finally seems to be proud of herself and everything she’s accomplished.

1 Start broadcasting the news (season 6, episode 13)

Stevie and David crying and sitting in their car in Schitt's Creek

Stevie may not be the star of “Start Broadcasting the News”, but it’s a memorable episode for her character. In this episode, the Rose family find out what their future plans are, most of them deciding to leave Schitt’s Creek. However, David decides to stay in town after a one-on-one with Stevie.

Stevie and David have always supported each other, but it’s extremely clear in this episode, as they admit to each other how much they really love each other. Not only is Stevie finally happy with her career, but she has also finally found a friend who loves and understands her.

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