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Sitcoms don’t always stand the test of time, but Schitt Creek is probably going to be the one that ages like fine wine. Even though it’s only been airing for a year, fans have already started to think of it as a classic, thanks to the hilarious episode and the adorable characters that the show has made viewers fall in love with.

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Although Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) has joined the cast of Schitt Creek in the third season, he quickly became a beloved base character. In fact, Patrick quickly becomes something of a main character, gaining episode storylines that revolve entirely around him. He also becomes half of the show’s most iconic relationships.

ten “Motel Review” (Season 3, Episode 8)

David seated at his desk in "Motel Reviews"

“Motel Review” is obviously one of the best episodes of Patrick as it is the first time fans have discovered his adorable character. In the episode, David has to work with Patrick to open his own business, but it turns out to be difficult for David who cannot express his thoughts very well. The episode is hilarious and also serves as an adorable meeting moment for these two future lovebirds.

From the first moment fans meet Patrick, they learn that he’s incredibly kind, caring, and good at what he does. Although Patrick takes a more serious approach to dealing with David, he ends up helping David determine his business goals.

9 “Grad Night” (Season 3, Episode 13)

David and Stevie at Café Tropical in Schitt's Creek

“Grad Night” might be one of Alexis’ best episodes in Schitt Creek, but Patrick has an important and memorable subplot unfolding. In the episode, Patrick invites David for dinner, who then invites Stevie, thinking it’s a birthday dinner and not a date.

Watching Patrick navigate Stevie’s awkwardness at the table with him and David is embarrassing, but also hilarious. Patrick also becomes vulnerable and thoughtful in this episode with the gift he gives David.

8 “Open Mic” (Season 4, Episode 6)

David sings at an open mic party at Schitt's Creek

When it comes to iconic romantic gestures from the TV sitcom, Patrick takes the cake with his gesture in “Open Mic.” In the episode, Patrick convinces David to organize an open mic party at the apothecary to increase sales. It also gives Patrick an excuse to serenade David with a nice rendition of “Simply the Best”.

Not only is this episode worthy of fainting, but it also gave Noah Reid a chance to show off his singing skills. It was also further proof of how much David means to Patrick.

7 “The Plant” (Season 5, Episode 3)

David and Patrick visit an apartment in Schitt's Creek

Like many characters from Schitt stream, Patrick often finds himself in embarrassing situations that shouldn’t be so embarrassing. In “The Plant”, Patrick is looking for new accommodation, which makes David think he wants to move in together.

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This miscommunication creates some hilarious moments between David and Patrick, as they both have different views on the apartment. In the end, Patrick sticks to what he wants, which is important because it shows that he is not an easy character to persuade.

6 “Meet the Parents” (Season 5, Episode 11)

David talks to his parents at Café Tropical in Schitt's Creek

While “Meet the Parents” is a hilarious episode, it’s also one of the most heartfelt episodes in Schitt Creek. In the episode, Patrick has to go out with his parents after David secretly invites them to Patrick’s birthday party, and Johnny Rose lets out that their two sons are dating.

Fans had seen Patrick be vulnerable before, but his vulnerability in this episode was completely different. At first, Patrick is afraid that his parents will not accept him, but he knows that telling them is the right thing to do so that he can live his authentic life. This is one of the scenes that helped make Schitt Creek one of the best LGBTQ + TV shows.

5 “Life is a cabaret” (season 5, episode 14)

David on stage at Schitt's Creek

Schitt Creek isn’t a music show, but that didn’t stop them from making a production-focused musical episode of the city of Cabaret. After weeks of hard work, Patrick finally gets to show off his skills as a master of ceremonies.

Fans loved seeing Patrick step out of his comfort zone and take the stage, and it also allowed him to show off his singing skills again. It’s also a touching episode of Patrick since it’s when he and David tell everyone that they are engaged.

4 “The Incident” (Season 6, Episode 2)

Patrick in bed with a nose guard at Schitt's Creek

“The Incident” is one of David’s best episodes of Schitt Creek but it also turns out to be an amazing Patrick episode too. In it, David accidentally wet the bed while sharing it with Patrick.

Patrick’s reaction is what makes this episode so amazing because Patrick never once makes fun of David. Instead, he cleans the bed and even tries to comfort him by revealing the embarrassing things he does while he sleeps. It’s one of those moments that proves Patrick has a heart of gold.

3 “The First” (Season 6, Episode 5)

Patrick hugging David in his bed at Schitt's Creek

Patrick may not be the focal point of “The Premiere”, but he manages to steal the show. In the episode, Patrick just had his wisdom teeth pulled out, which left him on pain relievers and rather chatty.

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Considering that Patrick is generally a well-organized and in control character, it’s hilarious to see him impulsive and carefree. It’s also hilarious to see Patrick being the reason David squirms when he reveals he might want kids someday.

2 “Moira Rosé” (Season 6, Episode 7)

Johnny and Patrick bond at Schitt's Creek

While “Moira Rosé” might be one of Moira’s best episodes in Schitt Creek, he also has a heartfelt plot involving Patrick and Johnny Rose. In the episode, the two bond as Johnny attempts to have “the conversation” with Patrick since he will soon be married to David.

Johnny and Patrick don’t have too many scenes together which makes this episode so special. It’s also another example of Patrick’s compassion because he beats Johnny to talk, promising him to always love and cherish David for as long as he lives.

1 “Happy End” (Season 6, Episode 14)

Patrick and David on their wedding day smiling at Schitt's Creek

“Happy Endings” went down in history as one of the best sitcom finals of all time, but it’s also the last best episode in Patrick’s series. After months of planning, David and Patrick finally manage to walk down the aisle, even if not quite as they had imagined.

Patrick turns out to be David’s knight in shining armor again when he kicks in, handling all the last-minute wedding details so David can rest before their big time. It’s also the last time fans see Patrick being completely vulnerable when he sings his adorable wishes to David.

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