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One of the biggest results of Saturday’s action was SEC member Arkansas beating future league rivals (and former Southwestern Conference brethren) Texas. The Razorbacks led the No.15 Longhorns all the way, and the result unleashed a whole bunch of pent-up celebrations for Hogs fans:

As for the Longhorns fans, it was a pretty unfortunate experience:

And even fans who don’t like Arkansas certainly didn’t hesitate to see Texas fall apart:

The variety of painful poses among Texas fans was certainly fodder on the internet:

Meanwhile, Tennessee had a rough time, losing at home to the ACC’s Pittsburgh:

It can be maddening to be a Vols fan these days:

And it seems that the result has led to moments of contemplation:

Interesting thought here… I guess we’re going to forget Georgia’s victory over Clemson so quickly, eh?

Nationwide, the only top-10 clash was No.10 from Iowa visiting No.9 from Iowa State in one of the biggest games in Cyclones history. But the Hawkeyes won the CyHawk Trophy again, which Iowa fans were happy with:

This #SurrenderCobra class in Ames could have a high turnout:

Maybe this one will be the teacher or at least an AG – the Cobra form here is great:

Meanwhile, in Columbus, the Buckeyes began to fall even before Ohio State lost to Oregon:

Of course, just like the collapsing Texas, many people are just enjoying the loss of the state of Ohio, even with no real interest in rooting:

Maybe this little duckling was a premonition that Oregon would finally beat the Buckeyes for the first time in 10 attempts:

Florida State’s shocking last-second home loss to FCS Jacksonville State on a Hail Mary pass stunned the FSU cheerleaders as much as everyone else:

Finally, let’s hear it for those Miami fans who were aware enough to help a falling cat:

The Miami Hurricanes recovered from their blows at Alabama last week to defeat Appalachian State. But this cat was the real winner, leaving no sad fans here (but maybe a few fans with a few scratches).