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What do you get when you mix the energy of Comic-Con with the soap opera and romance fandom? Try RomaDrama Live!, which is gearing up for its next event in West Palm Beach. Among the top draws will be Ryan Paevey, who smoked the day on general hospital like the late (well, has anyone really gone over these things?) Nathan West.

The star turned that success into a place in the Gold Crown universe as a staple of Hallmark movies beginning with Free Mr. Darcy. RomaDrama Live! will get a look at his last, Two tickets to paradise, before its premiere on the network. We caught up with Peavey as he reminisces about his time on GH and his time with Hallmark Channel.

What do you think makes RomaDrama Live! unique?

Ryan Paeve: I’ve been going to conventions for about 11 years now. What is RomaDramaLive! fact is a larger scale. It’s more than queuing. It marries higher quality locations, bigger events, and fun activities for fans of the genre. We have a few things that will allow fans to interact with their fandoms in ways they can’t at other conventions. I’m super excited to be part of it. I went to the one in Nashville [in 2021]And it was a blast.

Do you have a fan interaction that stands out?

I have a fun one. It started off a little strange. I have a few musician friends. One of them was giving a concert. To try and get some traffic, I was helping them promote a bit. The night of the concert rolls around and we arrive at The Viper Room on Sunset. There’s a girl waiting in front that I vaguely remember from online stuff as a fan of mine. She lived in Nova Scotia. She saw that I was going to this concert and flew from Eastern Canada to Los Angeles. She arrived while I was helping the group. She was super sweet.

I had the choice to be an asshole or recognize that I had the chance to do something really cool for someone. I don’t encourage anyone to do this to your favorite celebrities, but she seemed harmless enough. I invited her over to see my buddy’s metal band. We entered. I think the gig freaked him out a bit, being hard metal, but we ended up having dinner afterwards, and it was fine.

RomaDrama live!

Your start was really on general hospital. How do you view the time when it was really a trial by fire for you?

I wasn’t really an actor when I got the job. I had nothing on my CV. I look back on my career and I think I was very lucky several strategic times in a row. I didn’t know what I was doing when I set foot general hospital that first day. I also had massive food poisoning the first day. The universe was definitely testing me. I was super sick and had to learn 36 pages of dialogue. At first, I was very lucky that the people I was paired up with on the show were long-time veterans. They were really kind to their time.

Maurice Benard was really nice to me. His dressing room was right next to mine. A lot of my work was with Finola Hughes. And honestly, if it wasn’t for her, I would have been fired. I didn’t know what I was doing, as anyone on Twitter at the time can attest. People weren’t very nice to me when I started. I showed up completely ignorant. Thanks to generous people who showed me the ropes, they saved me from drowning. He built the fundamentals that I have since built.

Would you ever go back to soaps?

I don’t have a burning desire to go back to soap operas, but never say never.

You’re pretty busy these days after signing a multi-picture deal with Crown Media Family Networks. It shows the trust they have in you.

It’s rare that you can find a place like Hallmark that will consistently serve up feel-good stuff. We are accused of being a bit repetitive. The powers that be know this. Scenarios and fundamental equations begin to change. Become more inclusive, embrace a wider range of content and topics to better reflect real life. The core of it is always the same. The stuff we have, you should be able to smile a little more after watching.

Do you think we’re gonna get another Mr. Darcy movie?

I hope. We’ve been ready to go since we left the number 2 set. I’m in. I know Cindy [Busby] is here. I can probably call Frances [Fisher] and see if she would like to join us for a few days. I think we are ready to go. It’s a question of whether the powers that be want to do another one. I know the fans are excited about the potential.

Two tickets to Paradise Hallmark

Crown Media

you have the movie Two tickets to paradise coming. It looks like the perfect summer watch.

The structure is a little different. We shot it in Hawaii so the location is going to be beautiful so if you don’t like me or Ashley [Williams], there is a beautiful background to watch. It is intense activity. We are going kayaking. There is a three-legged race. I have to surf. Very early on, I said that they absolutely had to let me surf. There are surf scenes. I said, “Don’t hire doubles. I will do it. I grew up surfing. You can’t take me to Hawaii for six weeks and expect me not to get in the water. It was a really fun movie.

Is there anything you haven’t done in a Hallmark movie that you want to do?

Drive a motorcycle. I am a motorcycle fanatic. I have five bikes of my own. I love bikes. I know productions tend to get a little nervous when one of their protagonists is onto something that can potentially kill them. My introduction to the Hallmark universe was that I gave up on a movie because I crashed and almost lost my right hand. But I’m sure there are characters who ride motorcycles. Someone said I was like the Tom Cruise of the Hallmark universe. I would like to be the guy who does stuff. Ready for everything. Climbing, surfing, kayaking, bikes, whatever. Throw me through a wall. Let’s do some stunts. I am your guy.

Two tickets to paradiseJune 25, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel

RomaDrama live! is hosting its next event June 24-26 in West Palm Beach. Visit for full lineup and ticket details.