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Regular show is now considered a modern classic by many. Regular show aired on Cartoon Network as a children’s show. Despite this, adults and teenagers watch it, and for good reason. The characters are all well-written and funny, each with their own dynamic. Many characters have become iconic. When people see raccoons they think of Rigby, and when they see a blue jay they think of Mordecai.

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Regular show was nominated and won an Emmy. Many fans have a hard time identifying a bad episode without being too picky. Regular show proved itself by spanning eight seasons and received its own movie. A generation was able to grow up on Regular showsparking some nostalgia watching it via HBOMax. Regular show is by no means a “regular” show.

ten Party Horse (S6, Ep21)

Party horse episode

If someone asked a Regular show fan why this is so special many would say party horse. party horse embodies Regular showSelf-awareness. The characters in Regular show are very aware of the absurdity of the plot. The plot of party horse is to help a Party Horse pass a US History test, or the world perishes. The characters keep reminding audiences and others of this ridiculousness, which is fun to watch, especially when Mordecai and Rigby have to convince Benson to run with it.

9 The Last Laserdisc Player (S4, Ep 31)

Regular show

The latest laserdisc player is a fan favorite for many people. There’s something fun about the characters fighting and sacrificing their lives to grab a laserdisc, all to watch a director’s cut of an old movie.

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They learn that the laserdiscs have all been destroyed. So the characters themselves are “chosen heroes” destined to use the latest laserdisc. The latest laserdisc playerlike most Regular show episodes, ends with a big fight.

8 A bunch of baby ducks (S2, Ep23)

A flock of baby ducks.  Regular show

There’s something intriguing about seeing a group of baby ducks learn from Mordecai and Rigby. fans love A group of baby ducks because baby ducks are not only cute, but also tough. These baby ducks don’t hold back. These ducks murdered a person – even though that person was trying to kidnap them. Additionally, fans got to see Benson get scolded by a duck that forces him to apologize. At the end, A group of baby ducks is a hilarious fan-favorite episode.

7 Free Cake (S1, Ep5)

Free Cake Episode

Free cake shows Mordecai and Rigby’s determination to get what they want by spending very little money. The couple threw a surprise birthday party for their co-worker/friend, Skips, all for the sake of having cake. The duo realize that by trying to throw the surprise party, they are endangering Skip’s life by interrupting his ritual which grants him immortality. The duo make the right decision by sacrificing the cake for their friends’ lives, making fans love them even more than they already did.

6 Death Punches (S1, Ep4)

Death Punches

Death Punches is one of the best episodes of Regular show as it shows the complex relationship between Mordecai and Rigby. Although the two are best friends, they often get into fights that tend to risk their lives.

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Rigby, frustrated at always losing at the punch game, decides to learn a move that could potentially kill Mordecai. Of course, Mordecai is there to possibly apologize. Death Punches gives fans a look at the characters. Especially how, despite all of their fighting and bickering, the main duo genuinely care for each other.

5 It’s My Jam (S2, Ep 13)

Regular show

It’s my jam is fun and relevant. Almost everyone likes to listen to an old song they used to play along to, and fans know the feeling of having a song stuck in their head. It’s my jam is also one of the first episodes to show the whole park gang coming together for a cause, despite not being a major one. All fans can agree that having a song stuck in your head is annoying. According to regular show, it’s more boring than death.

4 Death Sandwich (S4, Ep14)

sandwich of death

Benson tries to get revenge on Mordecai and Rigby for all the trouble they caused by eating their sandwich. In the foreground, it doesn’t look deadly at all. When Benson died, he took a bite out of the death sandwich. If not eaten properly, the Death Sandwich is – amazingly – deadly. sandwich of death shows how Mordecai and Rigby embark on a deadly quest to save their boss, dressed in their famous mullets and denim shorts. fans of Regular show appreciate this episode for its reminder to Death Punches.

3 A group of adult geese (S4, Ep19)

Regular show

A group of adult geese is a celebration of what makes Regular show awesome. Hit the 100 episode mark, adult geese bring back the beloved baby ducks for another adventure. This time, they must face their greatest enemies: the geese. adult geese make a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion and went to the full Mecha anime. Many fans enjoyed this parody.

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The baby ducks together form a Mecha, wearing clothes reminiscent of previous episodes. The return of the baby duck does automatically adult geese all the more incredible.

2 Seal Eggs (S3, Ep17)

excellent episode

Excellent eggs won Regular show an Emmy. Excellent eggs shown the friendship between Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai is ready to do anything for his friend, even if it costs him his life. fans love Excellent eggs because it is outside the walls from the start. The challenge doesn’t feel quite as absurd compared to other episodes, but Rigby’s jump taking the challenge and being sent to the hospital amped up the gravity of the episode.

Rigby was up for the challenge, despite his egg allergy. He went through all of this just for a hat, which is very on-brand for Regular show’s chaotic and absurd energy. However, fans respect Rigby for this commitment.

1 Power (S1, Ep1)

The Power - Regular Show

The power is the episode that started it all. It gave fans the perfect introduction to the park gang and the two main characters. Fans can see Mordercai and Rigby trying to get Benson a raise. The power also shows fans what Regular show is all about.

The power perfectly shows how Regular show focuses on the protagonist’s absurd adventures that usually start with a very small problem. If it wasn’t for The power, Regular show may never have enjoyed its popularity as one of the best cartoons of the last decade.

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