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Rebel Wilson has caused mayhem on social media after introducing his new girlfriend, Lemon Ve Limon founder Ramona Agruma, on Instagram. #loveislove,” she captioned a loving photo of her and Agruma.

Wilson confirmed she was dating while on Jordana Abraham and Jared Fried Are you up? podcast last month and revealed she was “happy in a relationship.” The Secondary year The star shared that she met her match “in a friend’s setup.”

After news of her relationship spread, Wilson quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with many users reacting in shock to the actress’ casual outing. An user just tweeted, “REBEL WILSON IS GAY?” while another wrote, “Rebel Wilson just came out?!” Other members of the queer community also appeared to be taken aback by the announcement. “REBEL WILSON IS LGBT ???” says a posterand one more too used all caps to exclaim“REBEL WILSON IS ONE OF US!?!?!!!?”

However, despite the widespread surprise, many Twitter users responded with love and support for the comedic artist. “I wouldn’t have guessed Rebel Wilson was gay, but that’s cool! The more, the merrier,” a commenter posted. Read on for more Twitter reactions to Wilson’s significant other.

Rebel Wilson’s lifestyle is changing for the benefit of every woman

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A longtime Wilson supporter emerged to congratulate the star using an interesting anecdote. “I had a falling out about Rebel Wilson at a pageant village in the Irish countryside and ever since have been strangely invested in her happiness. Honestly thrilled for her. What a baby,” one user posted.

Picking up on Wilson’s current happiness, one Twitter user credited following his lead for a similar glow. “Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Any Woman’s Overall Health, According to Rebel Wilson: Lose 60 Pounds. Lose Men.”

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Turns out they’re just gay!

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Wilson fans, while thrilled, expected nothing less from the Bridesmaids star, who rarely, if ever, makes headlines for negative reasons. One fan wasn’t surprised at all by the announcement, writing, “If you noticed the POWER Rebel Wilson shown in Pitch Perfect, you’ll notice she’s too strong to be with a man! Sorry! I’m glad for them ! “

One commenter praised the actress, tweeting, “It’s always so nice when you see a celebrity trending and you’re like, ‘Oh the fuck what did they do?’ But turns out they’re just gay! Whoo! Happy pride, Rebel Wilson.”

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All I got is CSI and a coconut water

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Unfortunately for some posters, Wilson’s good fortune only served to remind them of the state of their own love lives. “I’m so single, why did a post by REBEL WILSON make me emo, laments a poster.

Another added, “I’m definitely doing something wrong when Rebel Wilson has a girlfriend and all I have is CSI and some coconut water.”

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happy pride month

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While many were happy for the Aussie actress, others were still puzzled by the news and trying to figure out where they lost the plot. “Rebel Wilson’s release was NOT on my 2022 bingo card,” one Twitter user wrote.

It didn’t escape people’s notice that Wilson made his announcement shortly after Pride Month, a move apparently made to make a statement. “REBEL WILSON HAS A FRIEND????? HAPPY PRIDE MONTH,” one person commented.

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welcome to the family

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Following her announcement on Instagram, Wilson was welcomed with open arms into the LGBTQ+ Twitter community. The Logo television channel posted a warm message to him on their account. “Welcome to the family, #RebelWilson! Although everyone’s journey is different and entirely up to them, the comedian and actress posted a message on social media publicly acknowledging girlfriend Ramona Agruma, with whom she attended various events over the course of the year. past year.”

Another user kept their greetings simple: “Welcome to the best life 🏳️‍🌈💕🤟.”

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The gay “Pitch Perfect” agenda works

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The Perfect The film franchise is known for having a large queer fanbase, intrigued by its coded bisexual characters Beca (Anna Kendrick) and Chloe (Brittany Snow), as well as lesbian character Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean). One user tweeted: “The fact that Rebel Wilson is queer is proof that Perfect the gay agenda works.”

Another user paid one for “All Perfect fanfic writers when they see Rebel Wilson is the one who turns out to be gay,” alongside a screenshot of a distressed SpongeBob in front of a nearly blank sheet of paper.