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Facial art is having a moment in the beauty space and celebrities like Radhika Apte are experimenting with the trend courtesy of celebrity hair and makeup artist Kritika Gill. “It was just for fun, we were doing some pics for her social media and decided to add it as a final look. Radhika is always very open to trying new things with makeup,” Gill says of this look. cute one she created for actor Radhika Apte. All she used for the look, says Gill, is a black eyeliner pencil from Lotus Herbals. Gill, who works with stars such as Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Yami Gautam and Sobhita Dhulipala says the purpose of scribbling on your face is to have fun with it, so if you make a mistake, start over. The concept of face art is based on human error and this is what sets the playful beauty trend apart from the more refined ones.

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All kinds of face art, whether it’s abstract lines drawn on the eyes and around the temples, or face stickers, are a big trend this season on the catwalk (each model having a face art custom face for presentation rather than uniform makeup for the whole show). “I usually map the face a bit and try to do something that doesn’t unbalance the features too much. To decide on doodle placement, you look at your facial features and see if you want to make something more symmetrical or work with asymmetry and exaggerate it. You can start drawing a line from the eyelashes to your temple that will always lift the eye, creating the illusion of a different eye shape,” says Gill. Her favorite minimal face art includes small dots placed at the corner of one eye or eyeliner floating right in the crease. She also likes to use random tiny stickers (think cherries or SpongeBob SquarePants) on her face and says the stickers are fun and accessible. You barely need any tools for face art, and you can also get creative with random objects, says Gill. She says all you need is a thin brush and a bit of confidence. Any classic black eyeliner will do. “I love the idea of ​​the hand drawn black lines. I also love the cobalt blue and hazy lilac on the skin,” she says. This is a look you should have fun with, especially because the result should look effortless and look like you.Once you get started, trust the process, says Gill.

“The classic ways are to extend the shape of your eyes or on the lips. But you can even make a darker color on the hollows of your face. A color wheel can be very useful when selecting the colors with which you want to You can try complementary color combinations, and if you want to go on tones, you can select shades side-by-side on the wheel,” says Gill. Face art is also great for integrating colors or shades. textures you’ve used for the rest of your face.” If you’ve done any red dots on your eyelid, it’ll be nice to finish it off with the same red blended on the lips. If you keep the skin fresh and natural-looking, you can get away with a bit of face art and a standout eye or lip,” Gill says of adding more makeup to your makeup look. face art.

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