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Reboots, reshoots, and sequels of varying quality plague the entertainment landscape of 2021 for better or worse. Franchise movies are all the rage (the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, etc.) and streaming services are scrambling to reclaim whatever viable properties they can to stay ahead of the competition. “Power Rangers” more than fits the bill given its rich history, dedicated fan base, and immense market value, hence the reason Netflix has big plans for the years to come – mostly an interconnected canon covering brand new TV shows and movies.

This news was announced thanks to current President of Global Television’s Entertainment One, Michael Lombardo, who shared with Deadline his desired plan for the IP “Power Rangers”. “We really presented a global approach. It’s not just one show, it’s shows followed by movies, programming for kids,” Lombardo revealed on Nov. 22, noting that his team and Netflix are all two excited and that they “hope to hear from you soon.” Soon after, director Jonathan Entwistle took Twitter to corroborate the news and express his eagerness.

The announcement of a shared “Power Rangers” universe is huge for Netflix and fans of the original series alike. We can only hope that it skyrockets and ends like the failure of Universal’s dark universe, and that morphine time is not too far away.