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Pose It’s about starting a family, chasing dreams and what it means to be different. It explores race, sexuality, and the AIDS epidemic in the ballroom culture of the 1980s and 1990s. Like many of Ryan Murphy’s shows, Pdare is full of drama, hope, and complex characters who grow, succeed and fail throughout the series. Most importantly, each episode adds to the story of these incredible characters.

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In three seasons, Pose offered viewers some of the most memorable episodes on television. From heartbreaking episodes where fans said goodbye to beloved characters to moments of heartfelt bliss, these are the ten best episodes of this incredible series, according to viewers.

ten Revelations

Pray Tell and Ricky hold hands while talking in the pose

After Ricky and Pray Tell bond over their joint HIV diagnosis, the two begin a relationship. Fans know Ricky and Pray Tell love each other, but it escalates tensions with Blanca. But that’s just one of the reasons this episode is full of evangelical drama.

Emotions explode within Maison Evangelista. At Damon’s graduation party, what should be a moment of celebration turns into a family fight as Blanca finds out Angel and Pray are using drugs. This leads Papi and Angel to move out while Damon goes on a dance tour. Blanca is left alone, feeling out of touch with everyone she loves.

9 Worth it

Angel is crying while talking to someone in Pose

As Elektra succeeds as a dominatrix, she realizes that she can finally return to her old life of luxury, comfort and ballroom supremacy. She therefore left the Maison de la Férocity to found the Maison Wintour. This is an important milestone for Elektra as it marks the first step in proving that she is the creator of her own success. She doesn’t have to rely on someone else.

However, just as Blanca sets out to start her own business, she finds herself having to fight for her success. After her owner finds out that Blanca is transgender, she tries to kick him out. Blanca doesn’t back down. She claims the rights to squat proving that she is just as determined as mother Elektra.

8 Life is a beach

Elektra, Angel, Blanca and Lulu at the Hamptons

Summer heats up the city, and Blanca, Angel, Lulu and Elektra all find themselves hot and stressed. Elektra is hosting a weekend in the Hamptons. Nerves are at their peak when women hit the beach, praying that they won’t be timed or harassed by other beach goers. After a near-drowning incident results in a date for Mother Blanca, Elektra declares that they have every right to be there.

As women begin to relax, they reconnect as families. The weekend brings them closer together, and they all wish that recently deceased Candy could be there with them. As the women return, Candy appears in spirit, singing with them, reminding fans that even when the characters are gone, they are never forgotten.

7 Love is the message

Blanca and Darius talk Pose

While most of the drama in this episode centers around the drama between Patty and Stan, what makes this episode a top-notch episode for fans is the AIDS cabaret. Like many characters in the show, Pray Tell’s boyfriend Costas is in the hospital with HIV. After seeing the sad conditions in the hospital, Pray Tell decides that the patients need a little hope, so he sets up the first AIDS Cabaret.

Patients are treated to the sound of live music. The most touching performance is that of Pray Tell, who sings a heartfelt version of “Love is the Message” to Costas. Sadly, at the end of the episode, Costas passes away, leaving Pray furious because he knows a similar death is coming for so many others, including the people he loves.

6 The series finale

Blanca and Pray Tell laugh together in Pose

The in two parts Pose The series finale really resonated with fans, especially when fans watch Pray Tell take off her makeup after a stunning performance in the ballroom. While “Say a Little Prayer” plays in the background, Pray knows he’s dying. The final season clearly set the scene for Pray Tell’s death, but that didn’t make it any less heartbreaking for fans to watch Ricky find Pray the next day.

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The second is at the end when fans finally see Blanca making her dream come true. Pose has always been a family show and, in the end, the family chosen by Blanca comes to award her the title of Legendary Mother. Viewers watched Blanca welcome her children and support their dreams, while making hers come true. Finally, in the closing moments of this touching series, Mother Blanca’s hard work is recognized. She made her dream come true.

5 Never known love like this before

Candy smiles in Lypsincs in Pose

This episode touched the fans directly. Candy was known to have tried and failed to find her place in the ballroom. She eventually asks the emcees to add lip sync as a category, but they decline her. Later that day, Candy is murdered in a motel room. His funeral becomes a time for the characters to find solace and forgiveness.

In spirit, Candy is attending the funeral. She sings with Blanca, denounces Pray Tell’s prejudices against her, and comforts Lulu in her grief. She also confronts her parents, allowing the three of them to find closure after years of misunderstanding. Then, in a powerful final moment, Candy lip-syncs Stephanie Mills’ “Never Knew Love Like This Before”, showcasing her true ballroom talent.

4 Something old, something new

Blanca, Elektra and Lulu with Angel on her wedding day in Pose

Like most wedding episodes, this one is meant to hit fans right in the heart. After struggling to get a wedding dress, Beto moved in and anxiety about getting a marriage license, Papi and Angel finally get married. It is an important moment for their family.

Grandpa meets his groomsmen Lamar, Ricky and Pray, giving a speech that acknowledges these men have taught him the importance of love. Angel sits down with Elektra, Blanca and Lulu as they offer her something old, new, borrowed and blue. Every gift is important to the women who give them, including Candy’s famous hammer. This episode is more than just a wedding; it’s a love letter to Pose in general.

3 Pilot

Angel playing in the pilot episode of Pose

The first episode of Pose prepares the series for success. From the first ballroom appearance to the last, this episode introduces fans to the incredible cast of characters. It sets up the struggles, victories and dreams that they will endure, achieve and work on throughout the series.

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After being diagnosed with HIV, Blanca leaves the Maison de l’Abondance to create the Maison Evangelista. Angel dreams of a better life for herself. Damon is kicked out of his house but is accepted into a dance school. Ultimately, Evangelista is defeated in the ballroom but vows to keep trying. This episode draws viewers in and doesn’t let them go.

2 In my heels

Blanca sings in red dress in Pose

Devastated by the harsh criticisms that ballroom women regularly face, Elektra confronts the emcees. She challenges them to walk into a drag class to see what it’s like on the other side of the podium. It marks a new beginning for the ballroom, and this episode marks a new beginning for the characters.

Angel and Papi start a new career. Damon began his dancing career in Europe. Blanca realizes that she is strong enough to fight for her dreams after a terrible health crisis. In the end, she begins to rebuild Evangelista’s house.

1 Mother of the year

Blanca carried through the air in Pose

The Season 1 finale of Pose is a fan favorite episode and considered the best of the series. This is when Blanca really gets recognized for all the hard work she has done for her children throughout the season.

Angel rejects her relationship with Stan because she knows she deserves better. Papi stops selling drugs and returns to the Evangelista House. Ricky goes on tour while Damon chooses to stay and finish school. Even Elektra improves upon getting a job at a fancy restaurant. Blanca did it right next to her house and won the mother of the year award.

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