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A group of Pokemon GO fans discuss the most morbid, unexpected, and bizarre PokeStops players have encountered in the world.

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As Pokémon GO continues to develop and iterate on itself, becoming much more than at launch, players have encountered a wide variety of interesting PokeStops around the world. Now a group of Pokémon GO fans are sharing the weirdest, most unexpected, and funniest PokeStops they’ve encountered on their mobile Pokémon journeys.

PokeStops are placed above notable real-world locations, allowing players to gather resources and take on antagonist Team GO Rocket. Cities often have a lot of PokeStops, but Pokémon GO players in small communities may have a hard time finding PokeStops. However, both types of environments seem to have their fair share of unusual and downright weird PokeStops.

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Reddit user StrideeFPS started off the discussion by sharing a screenshot of a gift they picked up from the Spongebob Squarepants PokeStop mailbox in New York City and asking other gamers on the most popular PokeStop. strange that they have encountered. With October started and Pokémon GOAs the events of Halloween approach, many responses appear to be seasonal, including a list of players who have all reported frequenting PokeStops attached to statues of Jesus located in graveyards. Others said they often visit the PokeStop attached to memorials, with one even commenting that sending gifts from these PokeStops is like sending gravestones.

A German gamer claimed that in his town every second PokeStop is part of a memorial to those killed in concentration camps, which can add another kind of morbid flavor to the game. Pokémon GO this month of October. Another user said their hometown has a PokeStop on a funeral home, while a second reported a PokeStop on a building owned by a Christian family that read “HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GOD” on the side of their House. Apparently the image of the PokeStop in question is a photo of the wall, but edited to read “HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GODZILLA”.

Another player brought up a PokeStop in North Dakota at Theodore Roosevelt National Park called “Is that buffalo poop”, with a description that would have said “Yes, it is.” A user from the UK has reported a playground device that looks like an inflatable squid head dubbed Boing Cthulhu on the app, which may encourage fans to wonder if Team GO Rocket members would appear on it in as cultists. Another German player claimed to have found a PokeStop in the country’s North Korean embassy in Berlin. A user event reported a PokeStop placed on a plaque in Columbus, Ohio, which was set up to commemorate absolutely nothing that is happening at this site.

Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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