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There are a lot of intimidating creatures in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but it was Ursaring in particular that left players terrified after the release of a new trailer for the game.

During the Pokemon Presents airing on August 18, Nintendo showed off plenty of footage from the upcoming open-world title Legends: Arceus, including the big reveal of new Hisuan forms and evolutions like Basculegion.

But it was an existing mon that really stole the show. After revealing that certain wild creatures would attack Trainers directly, not just their Pokémon, a clip showed Ursaring charging the player with evil red eyes.

It looks like these red-eyed Pokémon will act like “boss fights” in a way, and they’re already terrifying fans with the prospect of taking on them when the game launches next January.

“When the Ursaring charged the protagonist… I felt real fear in my heart,” one player wrote. Another added, “Ursaring running over the player during the Pokemon Presents trailer actually rocked me a bit.”

Other fans took the opportunity to share memes about Ursaring’s appearance in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

However, not everyone was scared of meeting Ursaring. A Pokemon fan tweeted: “For my part, I can’t wait to be nearly maimed to death by an Ursaring while exploring the world in this game.”

Each his own!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Full Trailer

Ursaring won’t be the only “boss” fight in Legends: Arceus, as the new trailer above also shows Luxray and Gyarados with glowing red eyes, suggesting that they will launch their own terrifying attacks against players.

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