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From Squidword to Hugh Neutron, fans weren’t shy about making fight suggestions for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

The barnyard and SpongeBob SquarePants

Nintendo has long been inundated with fan requests for new Super Smash Bros. fighters. Ultimate. However, it seems like the most passionate fans have instead flocked to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – an upcoming fighting game where childhood icons clash.

Since the game’s official reveal earlier this week, the fighting game community hasn’t been able to talk about anything else. Fans immediately took to Twitter to lock down who they win, but also to make fighter requests. Better yet, it seems those behind the game don’t care at all.

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By far the most popular application is Squidward, which many cannot believe was not announced as part of the initial lineup. Fans wanting to play the role of Squidward are hardly surprising, given that SpongeBob SquarePants have been a part of childhood for years now.

However, his hype train is almost matched by an ambitious claim: Hugh Neutron. No, not Jimmy Neutron himself, but his father – a supporting character on a show that ended in 2006. Nickelodeon fans are a dedicated bunch.

Along with these two titans, fans also had a blast browsing Nickelodeon’s vast library, picking out the weirder characters that technically qualify for All-Star Brawl. Barnyard’s cast is talked about a lot – especially Biggie Cheese, of course, alongside his portrayal of “Mr. Boombastic”.

Publisher GameMill Entertainment certainly wasn’t put off by the hype. Speaking on Twitter after the launch, the company said, “Please keep sending us all your hopes, gifs, photos and predictions for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl! We love to read them.” Adding fuel to the fire, when the official Twitter account revealed the artwork for all confirmed characters, the announcement added that these were all “… for now” characters.

All kidding aside, some in the fighting game community actually consider that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl could be better that Smash Bros. in a key area: online multiplayer. A Discord message from a developer claims that the game will have a restore netcode on “supported platforms.” If that happens, it would mean that if the connection slips online, the game “guesses” what the player would have done next. If he guesses correctly, the bad connection will go unnoticed. This is currently not implemented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, much to the chagrin of the fans.

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