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August 24, Funimation, who owns the US distribution rights to the three “My Hero Academia” films, revealed that “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” will debut in US theaters on October 29, meaning that a period of a little less than three months will have passed. since its theatrical release in Japan. Versions of the film will be available both with English subtitles and dubbed.

Fans have largely responded positively to the news of the film’s U.S. theatrical release on Twitter. For example, in response to a tweet sharing the news with the manager Twitter funimation user account @EarthBoundGamez – whose avatar is the protagonist of “My Hero Academia” Izuku Midoriya – wrote “yes, I thought he would come out next year”, accompanied by a gif of dancing Spongebob Squarepants, seeming to indicate their joy at his faster than expected output. User @ ribarra_40, meanwhile, simply replied “Let’s go !!!!! Plus Ultra !!!” with a gif of the hero All Might from the series.

Answers to the news of the US theatrical release of the film on “My Hero Academia” subreddit are equally positive, including “wooo”, in celestial empress, “attractive!” through Over-Leg-4408, and “thank you” by Sound wave10000.

Barring future complications from the pandemic, “My Hero Academia” fans in the United States should be able to see “World Heroes’ Mission” when it hits theaters on October 29th. The announcement of a home video release has not yet been announced.