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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

As of Friday afternoon, the MLB-enforced lockout was still continuing after just over two months.

The owners introduced the measure to speed up negotiations, and it seems to have had the exact opposite effect: the parties didn’t speak for more than 40 days.

The parties started talking again in January, but they are far from an agreement.

MLB fans are obviously frustrated, but at least some of them are trying to use humor to deal with the huge disappointment.

After all, there is no guarantee that they will enjoy their favorite sport just because a group of a few dozen people does not want to negotiate in good faith.

Humor helps fans cope

But humor is sometimes the best medicine.

The lockout started on December 2, so we have just crossed the two and a half month threshold.

Frankly, it seemed a lot more than that.

Unfortunately, as our friend Dan reminds us, we’ve all aged a bit since the owners decided to ban communications between teams and players.

Spring training games have already been canceled, at least those until March 5.

The start of the exhibition action was scheduled for February 26, but there was no way for players to be ready for that date, not to mention the small detail that there is still no agreement with the ABC.

Fans have a combination of hype and disappointment that is really hard to explain: they feel that the two sides can agree on a deal at any time, but so much time has passed that they count in made the “lockout days”.

The owners really disappointed our friend Gabrielle, who wanted nothing more than a nice “lockout lifted” message for Valentine’s Day.

The fans are extremely disappointed, but they are creative and have a good sense of humor.