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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Guardians are one game away from advancing in the MLB playoffs.

Their position in the ALDS is due to Oscar Gonzalez.

In a one-point game, with the bases loaded, Gonzalez hit a hit, giving the Guardians a 6-5 win Saturday night.

However, fans were vocal after the Guardians won that game, making their voices heard on Twitter.

So what are the fans saying about Gonzalez’s game-winning shot on Saturday night?

Fan reactions on Twitter include epic dubbed video

The best reaction to the Guardians’ victory came from a user who had the Titanic theme song dubbed over the game-winning hit Gonzalez.

However, another user stitched the clip together with SpongeBob’s music.

SpongeBob’s music is understandable, as it’s Gonzalez’s marching music with each of his plate appearances.

But beyond the fan reactions, something bodes well for the Guardians this season.

Gonzalez has been clutching all the playoffs for the guards

With the Guardians just one win away from the ALCS, Gonzalez was the main reason they got this chance.

His multiple hits this postseason gave the Guardians a surprising chance to qualify for the championship series.

However, the Guardians need more than him to win games.

While his winning moves save the team, the rest of the Guardians roster must help him.

If the Guardians can score on their hits, just like the Yankees have this streak, it will give them a huge advantage in Game 4.

The Guardians have a tough task ahead of them to win this divisional series.