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Minnesota Vikings fans are very polite and not very loud, according to two polls. I imagine head coach Mike Zimmer might disagree with this when the crowd at US Bank Stadium reacts to a perceived mistake in time management. And I can only guess what quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​thinks when paying guests share their displeasure over a four-yard pass completed on a third and seven goals.

But the polls don’t lie. Well. I guess that could be debated too. Either way, the folks at found Viking fans to be the second most likely to drop out of a fight. Seattle Seahawks fans were at the top of the list. Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and Las Vegas Raiders were the most likely to start a fight. Anyone surprised by this?

Meanwhile, a separate study with found Minnesota fans to be the least rowdy fourth in the league. Philadelphia was also at the top of this list. Vikings fans may need to raise the stakes for the Sunday November 21 clash with the Green Bay Packers.


Additionally, the folks at found that an aftermarket Vikings ticket costs an average of $ 262, more than double the average ticket price with a face value of $ 108.79.


Now, for some real news, the Vikings’ secondary will be beefed up with the return of safety Harrison Smith and cornerback Patrick Peterson. Smith was removed from the COVID list according to the Star Tribune, while Peterson is back from injury.

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