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Minecraft fans are discussing some of their most desired changes for the popular crafting game, ranging from its content schedule to controversial updates.

Since its full release in 2011, Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the sandbox survival game being one of the most iconic titles in video gaming. Developed by Swedish studio Mojang, it grew from a simple craft survival concept into a franchise spanning multiple spinoffs like Minecraft Legends and Minecraft story mode. Throughout its history, Mojang has made many major changes to expand the game’s simple premise with expansions adding monsters, biomes, and more. Now fans are discussing their most desired changes for the future of the game.


Minecraft has seen a plethora of updates adding a variety of content to the game, including several over the past few years. Last year’s “Caves and Cliffs” update completely reworked the game’s cave generation system while adding a handful of new mountain biomes. In recent years, Mojang has released two major content updates per year with the “Village and Pillage” and “Nether” updates in 2019 and the two-part Caves and Cliffs in 2021. Now, a recent Reddit thread has seen fans proposing major changes. for the game.

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The wire asked all the way Minecraft fans on the change they most want to see. This resulted in a variety of responses, with some players wanting new content like dog armor and more uses for copper. One of the most requested changes to the game came in response to Minecraftthe recent trend of several scheduled updates per year. Many fans expressed frustration with the game’s rigid update cycle. Some felt that Minecraft could benefit from a more flexible schedule, allowing not only more surprises for fans, but also more time for the development team to work.

Another popular request came in response to Minecraft‘s recently introduced the chat report system. The newly implemented reporting system, which allows players in the game to report messages in the game’s chat, has seen a significant response from fans. Many expressed disgust with the new system, feeling that posts identified as inappropriate might be taken out of context, or feeling that the system might give the developer too much power. Mojang, however, said the studio has no plans to forgo the new system, despite the backlash from fans.

While the thread saw many different suggestions from fans, social media as a whole was rife with discussions about Minecraftcontroversial new reporting system. SaveMinecraft was trending on multiple social media platforms with fans protesting the update. Many fans with servers have even started downloading third-party software and mods to block the ability to chat report. The fan outcry between the game’s update cycle and new systems shows just how passionate the Minecraft the fanbase is.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile devices.

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