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The Marshall Ellis Performing Arts Center and the ME Performing Arts Theater program announced their partnership with the Orlando Artist Guild, starting with their summer youth production of The SpongeBob Musical at the ME Theater on July 30-31.

Representing a growing number of theater professionals, the Orlando Artist Guild is a new organization that offers work to artists, most of them from Florida. The partnership between the Marshall Ellis Performing Arts Center and the Orlando Artist Guild will increase the opportunities available to associate artists, stage technicians and other fine arts professionals in Central Florida.

The Orlando Artist Guild will feature additional directors and faculty to youth shows from the Marshall Ellis Performing Arts Center Theater Program while bringing additional productions to the ME Theater, which is the only theater space in Central Florida to work in tandem with a dance school. The establishment of performance seasons between the two organizations will allow the ME Theater to present an increased number of productions. In 2020 alone, six youth productions were staged as part of the Marshall Ellis Performing Arts Theater Program, all of which would normally have taken place at the ME Theater, but have been adjusted due to COVID-19.

More information about the Marshall Ellis Performing Arts Center and their theater program is available here.

More information about the Orlando Artists Guild can be found here, as well as on Facebook and Instagram @orlandoartistguild.