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Although “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is set in the larger “Star Trek” canon, there is a parody element to the series. He doesn’t constantly poke fun at his parent franchise, but he Is playfully poke fun at the tropes and clichés inherent in the “Star Trek” universe. Consequently, it serves as both a parody and a legitimate work of science fiction – not unlike creator Christopher McCulloch’s 2003 Adult Swim series, “The Venture Bros.”

At first, this show was about a family of (mostly) incompetent adventurers. Scientist Dr. Thaddeus Venture and his boys, Hank and Dean, have mostly served as the send-off for classic adventure cartoons. As it all progressed, however, it became its own sci-fi adventure, with characters audiences could invest in and storylines that could make them laugh and tug at their heartstrings.

Like a few other titles listed here, it’s a tad more grown-up than “Lower Decks,” but that shouldn’t be a problem for most viewers. As a work of imaginative storytelling, it’s one of those shows that clings to you and never lets go – even if there are surprisingly few seasons over a long stretch. Chances are, once you give him a watch, you’ll want to keep going until the “Venture Bros.” film perhaps spell.