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Two new bombs arrived in Love Island United Kingdom 2022 ready to cause trouble, but also a moment to cringe, thanks to Ekin-Su.

While new girl Afia played well with the girls and took her time getting to know everyone, the Essex actress wasted no time finding what she wanted. The first target was Davide, who helped her in the gym as Gemma watched. Then she moved on to Andrew, who is in a relationship with Tasha.

Ekin-Su caught him sweating in the gym and pulled him to chat. As he began to tell her more about himself and where he grew up, the bombshell thought it was a good idea to start singing the Spongebob theme song. Yes really!

Andrew laughed it off but he clearly wasn’t amused – and neither were viewers at home. One said, “Ekin su singing the SpongeBob theme song is probably the scariest ever. #LoveIsland”

A second wrote, “Andrews pretends to laugh when she started singing SpongeBob. #LoveIsland”; while a third added: ‘I’m sorry I love Ekin-Su but this whole SpongeBob thing made me want to die #loveisland’.

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Another warned her: “Ekin sue….Don’t do that #loveisland SpongeBob thing again.”

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While it was both hilarious and painful to watch her do this, this episode was actually a lot to take in. The excitement started with the bombs, but it was a game of beer pong that revealed truths we didn’t expect.

Paige made a few moves towards Andrew which shocked Tasha and Luca began his attempt to win Gemma over. This pissed off Davide the wrong way since Luca ignored the bro code and didn’t warn him that he was going to sue Gemma… We’re expecting an explosive episode tomorrow!

Episode 4

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