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One of the most successful TV franchises is The vampire diary universe. The original series remains popular to this day and its two spin-offs have been pretty solid hits. The most recent is Heritage, which ended Season 3 earlier this year and has more episodes on the horizon.

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It’s unclear how long the new show will last, but now is a good time to look back at what audiences have seen so far and determine which installments have been the best. Some of the top rated involved characters from previous shows appearing, while others made the new characters shine the most.

ten I Was Made To Love You (Season 3, Episode 12) – 8.6

Hope and Landon in Legacies

The relationship between Hope Mikaelson and Landon Kirby is often at the forefront of Heritage. It hasn’t always been well received, but it’s clear the two know and like each other. This is why Hope was immediately able to tell that something was wrong with Landon at the start of this episode.

This led to a huge reveal about Cleo, turning her into an antagonist for a while and changing the course of the season. This episode worked on an emotional level as well, as Josie confessed her feelings about Finch despite finding out the truth about him and MG had to force Ethan to forget what he knows about vampires.

9 I’ll Tell You a Story (Season 1, Episode 15) – 8.7

Lizzie looks at Hope

It seemed Heritage really started to hit a high point as it wraps up Season 1, with that penultimate episode being a highlight. This succeeded in telling the story of Malivore, who was the main antagonist of the series, and explained his level of power. This helped to make Malivore even more imposing before the final.

Secrets were also revealed, including the fact that Clarke was Landon’s half-brother and that they were Malivore’s children, adding even higher stakes at the end of the season. It was an episode that accomplished everything he had set out to do.


8 Let’s just finish the dance (Season 1, Episode 14) – 8.7

Josie and Penelope in Legacies

Fans love it when this show finds ways to have reminders to The vampire diary. Few episodes did it better than “Let’s Just Finish The Dance,” which saw students at Salvatore School enter the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, which played a central role in the original show.

Hope won the crown by wearing a dress chosen by her father, but the real drama came out of her story. The relationship between the Lizzie twins and Josie was introduced as Josie was convinced to compete for herself and not just follow Lizzie’s plan. It helped set the tone for their future and how the two would grow up over time.

seven Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself (Season 2, Episode 15) – 8.8

Josie fights dark Josie in Legacies

Again, this is another penultimate episode that ends up among the best of the best. Much of Season 2 had built Darth Josie, and she returned to school in this episode with a plan to complete the merger and defeat her sister. Josie went so far as to kill Alyssa, showing she was far away.

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The title of the episode refers to Lizzie, who found it difficult now that she wasn’t as selfish as before. The merger failed, with Josie winning, only for the turn that Lizzie’s life was tied to Landon’s, which saved her. It gave fans the showdown they wanted without killing a main character.

6 It’s Nothing I Had to Remember (Season 2, Episode 6) – 8.8

Josie and Lizzie Saltzman holding hands

If there’s one thing fans appreciate more than a reminder The vampire diary Where The originals, this is a crossover episode. “It’s nothing I had to remember” gave one to the audience as Freya Mikaelson spoke with Josie in New Orleans, the set of The originals.

Viewers discovered that Freya and Keelin were having a child, while Freya also helped Josie remember Hope, whom everyone had forgotten. It was a monumental episode as everyone remembered Hope, which elicited mixed emotions from everyone, especially Landon and Josie, who had started dating.

5 The Boy Who Still Has A Lot To Do (Season 1, Episode 13) – 8.9

Alaric and Kaleb in Legacies

After a fun road trip for most of the main characters, “The Boy With A Lot Still To Do” turned out to be a strong episode. People like Hope, Alaric, and Kaleb found many of their friends missing upon their return to Salvatore School, giving the plot a fun mystery to unravel.

They were off to do different things, with the culmination of Rafael turning into a wolf and biting MG, putting his life in danger. While Hope’s blood was the medicine that saved her, the episode also ended with a huge reveal, as Landon apparently died, only to ignite and return as the franchise’s first phoenix.

4 Mombie Dearest (Season 1, Episode 6) – 8.9

Alaric and Josette talk to their daughters

Like so many other characters in these shows, the Saltzman twins have tragic stories. Their mother was brutally killed before they could meet her, but that changed in “Mombie Dearest” as her ghost appeared on their 16th birthday and played a major role in the episode’s story. .

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Of course, things couldn’t stay positive as Jo became a full-fledged zombie and buried one of her daughters alive. This was all brought on by the Necromancer, who would go on to become a recurring villain. This episode also shed light on Josie’s romance with Penelope, as well as the possible relationship between Hope and Rafael.

3 You Can’t Save Them All (Season 2, Episode 13) – 9.0

Hope Mikaelson surrounded by candles

In the eyes of many fans, the highlight of the series is the two-part arc where Kai Parker returned to the mix. This was the second half of this story, as Kai escaped from a prison world and began to wreak havoc on the ordinary world, including those related to him.

The episode worked because Kai was such a great antagonist and he felt like a real threat to everyone, especially given his history of attacks on Jo and putting Elena into her magical sleep. While other things happened, Kai was the center of attention for good reason and Alaric finally killing him was a welcome ending.

2 There’s Still a Loophole (Season 1, Episode 16) – 9.1

The cast of Legacies

Season 1 was crafted for the planned release of Malivore as the main antagonist going forward. Most fans probably thought Malivore would find his way and that would be it, but Heritage took a different and above all unexpected route. Hope was the only chance to stop them and she sacrificed herself.

Not only did she risk her life to do it, but by jumping into Malivore’s pit, she made sure no one would remember her in Season 2. It was a game-changer and capped off an exciting episode that also saw the school battling the forces of the Triad, Josie near death, and even an appearance of Headless Horsemen.

1 Kai Parker fucked us (season 2 episode 12) – 9.2

The first half of Kai Parker’s comeback as a major villain was aptly titled “Kai Parker fucked us up”. Alaric traveled to a prison world with his daughters to find Sebastian and three former students he had trapped there. It turns out that Kai Parker, who killed Jo Laughlin, was also there.

This episode saw him manipulate those around him to find a way out, where he ultimately doubled them down as well. Kai convinced Josie to do what would make her become Dark Josie, making him a big bad for a few episodes while also triggering the main arc of the final episodes of the season.

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