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Culinary art is always an entertaining form of artistic expression and latte art is no exception. Latte artists create works of art multiple times a day, ranging from abstract 2D designs to 3D creations that seem to defy the laws of physics while being edible, artistic, and, in this case, incredibly adorable. Japanese artist Runa Kato recreates all sorts of cute foam characters, the most recent of which to catch our eye is a chubby Slowpoke (a type of Pokémon). This Slowpoke sits on top of a cappuccino, with a belly so round the spoon seems to bounce off it, an impressive testament to the consistency of Kato’s designs.

Kato started as a latte artist in 2018 and has crafted over 100,000 artistic lattes since then. Its extensive portfolio includes everyone from Pikachu and Totoro to Spongebob and Spider Man. More than just adding a few coffee-colored squiggles and fluffy froth, the artist makes you want to play with your latte. Kato’s 3D latte art is just begging to be poked and prodded; meanwhile, her 2D art is equally attractive and ready for a fun photo shoot.

You can follow Kato on Instagram for more 2D and 3D latte art that’s almost too cute to drink, including characters from animal crossing, Pokemonand many more anime.

Japanese artist Runa Kato recreates all kinds of adorable characters as 3D latte art.

Kato started as a latte artist in 2018 and has since crafted over 100,000 artistic lattes.

Whether it’s different Pokémon characters…

From a beloved Studio Ghibli movie…

The star of a classic video game franchise…

Or just beloved pets…

… Kato’s foam characters are inevitably adorable.

Runa Kato: Website | Twitter | instagram
h/t: [grape]

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